Honesty is the Beat Policy – Agree

The idiom honesty is the best policy, is very famous and everyone is taught about it right from the childhood. I still remember, my granny used to tell me story on honesty almost everyday. And it the impact of those fictitious stories, that I follow the policy of honesty and expect the same from others. People who lie are the most dishonest person on earth according to me. The truth is always bitter and it always hurts, but at least it tells you the fact or what is right. So why run away from the truth?

A small lie or dishonesty affects a lot in your relationship, be it with your spouse, your friends, your colleague or your staff. The consequences of the truth are sometimes negative, but those who face all the consequences and move forward are the winners and the most successful person. But nowadays, wherever we see, we find dishonest people everywhere, right from politicians to a common man. In this case, how can one live with honesty? Everyone is against people who are honest and who speaks the truth. But nothing to worry or fear, keep your confidence high and believe in yourself and speak the truth, speak what is favorable and speak for the better, believe me no one can stop you if you have confidence in yourself and you know what you are doing is right, what you are saying is true.

Implement the values that your parents and grandparents have been cultivating since your childhood. Dishonesty never lasts long. It has an end and a brutal end. But honesty lasts forever and it grows like a seed in everyone’s mind. Even at your workplace, you may come across many people who are going to influence you and force you to do wrong, but you have to always remember your values. Dishonesty is like a storm, when it comes it destroys everything, even its own world. But at the end of the tunnel there is light, similarly after every storm, there is a ray of hope. The storm can destroy everything, but it can’t destroy a strong rock. So honesty is like a strong rock, catch hold of it tightly till the end and you will be saved from all destructions.

For most of the people, the easiest way to be successful is through dishonesty. But a true success lies in the truth and that is why people who are dishonest, never goes a long way. They dig their own grave, whereas, people who follow the policy of honesty are the one who has a long way to go, in personal, professional and social life.

So it is well said that honesty is the best policy. The success of a person lies in his honest behavior. People who are honest are always respected and they have a special place in the society.