When others don’t take Responsibility for their Faults

Put the blame on …

Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes but few gladly put on the dunce cap as the day’s biggest “fool display.” The slick, world-wise individual is always prepared mentally to handle lapses in judgment, performance and decision making by following well rehearsed guidelines to:

– assess a mistake, blunder or bad decision call immediately and,

– never, never admit involvement in or responsibility for or any real concerned interest in a faux pas. Best to perform as a bystander or onlooker, vaguely aware of what has happened in a detached sort of way. Even fake a yawn or two to indicate disinterest.

– draw up and hash out all possibilities, situations and conditions which might confuse and effectively cloud over facts of the matter. Think of politicians and take example of how clearly and deftly they are able to squirm, deceive and wiggle their way from any tinge of blame no matter how serious the problem may be.

– if possible, flee the area as soon as able, making certain the coast is clear. As a shadow in the night, surreptitiously evaluate all options. If a get-away is fortuitous without leaving any tale-tale tracks to incriminate, go for it.

– if cornered, remain calm until impossible to extricate from the melee except by vigorously denying – Judus-like – with urgent, honest-seeming pleas. Should adversaries be defiant and unrelenting in accusations, first feign hurt, hand to breast, shed a tear or two if can be managed, then, lastly, bow the head and look solemnly down as a statue of a saint entranced in prayer.

– everything else failing, rail on, bringing up irrelevant subjects to muddle up any debate and then, as a last resort, stem off possible accusers by refusing to discuss the subject any more. Be adamant in cutting off further dialog and allude to possible measures of incrimination hidden in a personal bag of tricks such as legal implications, seeking out higher authorities or suggesting how the issue might lead to political or personal scandal and ramifications.

Blame then appears to be an inherent quality in every being or a matter of conditioning. The youngest child caught in an embarrassing act at first reaction cries out denial or knowledge or participation in it. Thus from little on the fork in the road leads to several consequences – accept blame and the responsibility with it; deny blame until it is shameful to cling to it; deny any blame and all else be damned.

The blame shirkers and their philosophy is to seek any means to disclaim accountability of the slightest blame for a misdeed. To the blame schemer, “I” is always first and foremost and others beware. Ready to pounce at the right moment, those who flee blame vigorously cry out a perpetual, “deny, deny, deny…”

Shake the tree of blame and be astonished by the bevy of family members, neighbors, friends, government officials, esteemed citizens of the community and others cascading with their denials screeching in the wind, forever to defend the honor blame affords to them while awaiting another time to laugh and deride those foolish enough to stand up and accept the responsibility of their deeds.

And the reward to the blame evader? A power blast in an emboldened chest and a great “Hurrah, I’ve gotten away with it again!”