Where did the Phrase Jump the Shark come from

Remember the popular show, The Happy Days, with Mr. and Mrs. C, Potsy, Ralph Mouth, Richey and the Fonze among others? After a long run with the show and it’s characters being a household name, the writers of Happy Days decided they needed more ratings. They came up with one of the cheesiest, poorest, grasping

How to Deal with Distractions while Working

Distractions are part of life and happen all the time so they can’t be totally removed but you can ease the amount of distractions or eliminate some of them. Writers and other types of people who work out of their homes can have a huge amount of distractions that can keep them from productively finishing

Childlike Behaviour in Adults

I was talking to a friend, and I noticed that he has very child-like tendacies. He’s a grown man, a few years older than me, and I realized that our childhood stays with us. I started thinking about it more and I asked myself, “How much of my childhood is still with me?” Years later,


Megaliths – for centuries these mammoth constructs have been a source of wonder and bafflement. Generally speaking, it has been speculated that these large, stone creations were used by ancient cultures for religious activities, astronomical observatories, burial sites, temples, healing and other ritual purposes. They have long been believed to possess electromagnetic and supernatural forces.

How are the Megaliths Created

Megaliths, the huge stone structures and sculptures that are exemplified by the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and the Moai of Easter Island were erected in ancient times, without the benefit of the advanced equipment and tools that we have today. There are no clear records to explain exactly how they could have been created by

How to Deal with Distractions in Todays Life

A distraction can be defined as a competing attraction that keep you from attaining your goal. Look carefully at that definition and you will find three distinct terms in there- “competing attractions”, “your goal” and “you” yourself. Let us consider potential improvements with each of these: * Remove competing attractions * We can never work

Avoiding Home Break Ins

No one likes the feeling that if he goes out for the evening, he may come home to find that his home has been invaded.  Robbery is one of the most prevalent crimes in America.  Nothing can make a person feel more violated than returning home and finding that his house has been ransacked, and

How to Improvise when Things go Wrong

‘No battle plan survives contact with the enemy’ Helmuth von Moltke the Elder Life is an unpredictable series of crossroads and inexplicable events; it’s full of ups and downs, unseen twists and turns, and pleasant surprises and nasty shocks. With surprises and unforeseen circumstances at every turn, any plan made in life will inevitably hit

Menntal Health Issues

A very good tip for overcoming fear is to confront it.  The problem with many people is that they magnify their own fears many times in their mind over situations that don’t necessarily warrant it.  These can be more primal instincts, basically coming from the reptilian part of the human brain ‘fight or flight.’  Fear

Kokopelli History

 Long ago, a young Hopi girl was kept awake by the thrashing of thunder and the pelting of rain on her roof top. Her older sister usually told her stories to help her drift off to sleep. The young girl’s sister chose the story of the very intriguing Kokopelli, the fertility deity.  Also known as

The possible uses of Megaliths

Megaliths occupy most corners of the earth but they are particularly abundant in Europe. The most famous of all the megaliths is Stonehenge in Wiltshire county England. Megaliths have been defined as a large stone that has been erected as a structure or monument of same nature. Mega is a term that comes from the

What to do when Things don’t go as Planned Car Insurance self Care during Stressful Times

Every day we wake up with the best of intentions. A mental to-do list of the many tasks which must be accomplished throughout the day yet inevitably more often than not, plans are foiled by the unexpected twists of fate life throws at us. What to do when things don’t go as planned? With just

Elemental Mythology Air Spirits

Before Socrates, Empedocles taught that there were four elements, once united in a sphere, but broken up by Strife. Eventually, Love would reunite the elements, and the cycle would begin again. Before that, Anaximenes explained that air is the foundation of everything, the fundamental substance. Warmed, it expands and becomes dancing fire. Cooled, it is

How to get Rid of Distractions

‘America is addicted to wars of distraction.’Barbara Ehrenreich  Distractions are a potent and dangerous hazard on the path of life. They cause you to while away your time; and as everyone knows, time is worth more than gold! Distractions are more like insidious parasites than bad habits; like a parasite, they slowly sap away your

Similarity between Fahrenheit 451 and Todays World

The most startling similarity – and there are many – between Fahrenheit 451 and today’s society is the disparagement of reading and independent thinking.  The title itself denotes the main idea of the book: Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper ignites. And in the world of F. 451, paper is the enemy, in

What is True Wealth

Money can buy a lot of things, but it cannot buy happiness or health. Some of the richest people in the world are the most miserable people alive. Some of the materially poorest people in the world are the richest people spiritually and the happiest people on earth. What money can buy: Money can buy

The Differences between the Modern and Folkloric Vampire

Buffy the Vampire Slayer portrayed two distinct vampires. Angel, Buffy’s teenaged lover, exhibited the more commonly acceptance human appearance. Anger or blood lust caused a minor physical transformation. A grossly furrowed brow, green elongated eyes, and stereotypical fangs. With the exception of these facial changes, the vampire remained wholly human in appearance. On the opposite

How to Deal with Elitism and Elitists

Elitism is generally a self-concept. It is the perception that one’s social rank or status is superior to others, due to distinguishing virtues such as wealth, intelligence, education, professional achievement and familial background. An “elite” is a group of such individuals who believe themselves to be superior in social rank or class, often referred to