Believing in yourself

Learning  to believe does away with doubt. Although doubt is sometimes healthy, it can become a barrier to a healthy way of life. Healthy doubting is known as healthy skepticism. It keeps us from acting rashly, but when overdone, it stops people from carrying out important decisions. The first step in overcoming doubt is knowing

Measuring Integrity Trust and Acceptance

If folks have a set of principles and conduct themselves within those set  boundaries at all times, no matter the cost, their integrity can be measured quite easily. For example, honesty is a component of integrity. Honest individuals will deliver on what they promise and will openly own up to their failings. Honest folks realize

Traits of a Lazy Person

Everyone has lazy moments. I will admit that I am a closet lazy person. I have a two full time jobs one as a salaried employee at my company and the other as a mother. When I get home from work, I take over baby duty from my husband. I have baby duty on all

Killing Animals for Fur

I do not consider it immora to kill animals for fur but rather more unethical. In the days when we did not have other options to keep warm, yes, killing an animal for fur was okay. But then again, they did not just kill for the fur. They ate the animal and used all of

Morality Good Morals Moral Beliefs

There are situations that come up each day and make you question why you make the choices you do. There are times when you think that morality is something that has no place in real life but it does. It pays to have good morals, even when you can’t see instant results. Why it pays

Are we Products of our Environment

People usually say that a child is a product of their environment. I believe that poverty, wealth, addiction, or abuse, what we see and what is around us has a major affect on who we become. Not everyone agrees with this but there is some truth behind it. I’ve tried to break down the areas


SUCCESS The word “success” is known to all in this world. It does not mean the absence of failures. It means,” Winning the war and not every battle”. It is a common saying that, “Winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently.” Everyone in this world has some latent potentialities and it is

Values a new look

The study of values is perhaps the most important of all studies since we are making value judgements every minute of the day yet as as as I can discover there is little or no study of what they are. I have contacted a number of tertiary education bodiesconcerned with so called “Values” and asked

Benefit of the Doubt

When an issue is brought up about someone, all that is being said is that someone believes something has happened that is felt was not the correct thing to so. At this particular time there is one thing that has happened on one day usually by one person. If this is the first time that

Opinion of Parental Influence on Moral Standards or Decisions Made by Children – No

Regarding the debate on parents making moral judgments for their children based on their own beliefs. First let me share my background. I am a devout Christian parent. I try to follow biblical principals in every area of my life. I have been a very faithful member of my church for more than ten years.

Morality Abortion Pharmacist Kristin Wiig Saturday Night Live Target Codeine Ethics Medicine

Kristin Wiig plays a hysterical character on Saturday Night Live called “The Target Lady.” She speaks in a strange voice, and makes constant comments about what the patrons of her local Target store are buying, occasionally walking away from her register to buy one of the same products. I’m imagining a similar situation where someone

When should Euthanasia be Allowed

There are those who feel that death is to be avoided at all cost. But Wilbur Smith was not one of them. Wilbur was a slave in South Carolina in the early 1800’s. He was quite old, about 93 by estimate, and he would sit in a straight chair on the front porch of his

Society America Family Life Sexuality Abortion Contraception Schools Education Economy

While we look for politics to solve many of our problems, they can’t do much about the type of society we are or want to become. BUT WE CAN. Every individual in our country has a responsibility to LIVE A GOOD LIFE, DO GOOD TO OTHERS, OR AT LEAST NO HARM. Young people today have

Work Ethics vs Intelligence

For nearly two hundred and thirty-three years American’s have worked hard to preserve the civil liberties associated to living in a democratic Western Civilization. Proudly, we have accomplished a great deal in a short period of history, leading us to become one of the giants of our present time. However, when entertaining the thought of

Resubmit Helping one Plate at a Time

Helping one plate at a time The world has changed. A mere 20 to 25 years ago, my family was reaping the bounty of fresh garden vegetables of every variety; so much so that there was extra to go around to friends, neighbors and those in need. I know this sounds like a Rockwell portrait

Gaining self Confidence to Override Doubt

You must be influenced by your own principles before you are going to be able to influence others; therefore, the first step in conquering doubt is to know yourself. No one will listen to you if you are indecisive and uncertain. Remember with the proper mindset, you can overcome doubts, be prosperous and live the

What Makes an Adult

Being an adult has two elements. The first is the legal definition of adulthood, the age at which we become responsible under the law. This varies in most societies but is generally set at an age to have given children a chance to grow up. Individuals are then allowed by their society to do certain


To know a little about a lot is not only key to making a good first impression, but also to keep and hold the attention of another. With the advent of the Internet and all the information that it holds, some may find it difficult to carry on a conversation that has not already been