Do People who Adhere to Strong Convictions think more Highly of themselves than others – No

Strong convictions are a manifestation of a person’s internal belief system. To be “better” is a form of prejudice manifested through thought or actions as a form of self elevation. It is a human quality which is determined mostly by external rather than internal forces. Through life experience we are all taught the concept of being

Morals in a Modern Generation

As a member of “Generation Y,” I encounter criticism about how we are ill mannered and have no sense of right and wrong. Of course, it’s unfair to generalize to individuals based on an entire group. But if we are talking about an average, I still disagree that my generation is somehow worse than all

Why two Heads are better than one

Most people have heard the expression, “Two heads are better than one.” Most people have a general understanding of what that expression means. This article is going to take a closer look at why the expression actually rings true. *Creativity. One person can come up with a number of ideas for whatever task is at

Appreciation of a Privileged Life

Taking what we have for-granted… We all go through the same things in life, though each individual’s experience is different. When we experience something life changing, for instance; someone close to you passes away, or you struggle to get through something, only to lose what you were struggling so hard to keep. We don’t realize

When to Give up a Bad Habit

When to give up a bad habit is the easiest question to answer. The answer is immediately. The longer you preform a bad habit, the harder it’s going to be to give up that habit. Let’s taking smoking for example; probably one of the worst “habits” (more like a physical addiction to a drug) to

Celtic Mythology

Stone of Destiny’s Real King? The Stone of Destiny is not only a Celtic Myth, but a literal historical piece of World History. Its existence not only verifies the deep national pride of Ireland, but the entire British nation, as well. The lighted mists continue to row in from the seas, engulfing the hills and

What are the Negative Effects of Advertising to Children and Young Women

Imagine the sexual images you see every day on your TV, Computer, in magazines, and on billboards. Now imagine a child who has easy access to all the same things that you see. Can you imagine their confusion? Even a teenager who knows all about the techniques of advertisers could get the wrong idea about

Slang from the Nineties

The influence of rap music (hip-hop) was extremely pervasive in the nineties. Here is a list of slang words I remember from the 1990s and their accompanying definitions: ‘Word’ – Ok, or good (“Oh you’re coming to the party? Word”) ‘Dope’ – Awesome (“Dude that skateboard looks dope”) ‘Ill’ – Great (“This new Beastie Boys

History of Hercules

Hercules was the son of Greek God Zeus and his mother, Alcmene. Hera, married to Zeus, was angry and tried to prevent the baby from being born. Herakles , Hercules original name, means the “glorious gift of Hera” , which made Hera angrier still. Then she tried to kill the baby by sending two snakes

Days of the Week Origin of the Days of the Week Days of the Week how the Days were Named

What or who are the days of the week named after?  They are such a fundamental part of the human race’s tracking of time, and yet how many of us know the actual origins of their names. The days of the week as we know them today, are a mix of ancient Babylonian, Roman and Scandinavian


Gilgamesh Deciphered      The Gilgamesh Myth is a local Sumerian-Akkadian prose narrative that echoes the beliefs of the people of early Mesopotamian literature. Myths such as Gilgamesh usually are far fewer than legends and folktales, yet they hold a commonly held universal truth that seems to reoccur throughout man’s history.      Gilgamesh’s journey is thus

Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is one of the strangest cryptozoological creatures ever observed.  It was sighted by only four people, all teenagers, and only on the nights of April 21 and 22, 1977.  The Dover Demon was spotted only in Dover, Massachusetts, an affluent suburb of Boston. At 10:30 p.m. on April 21, three 17-year-olds were

Where was the Lost Continent of Mu

Could it be that the Biblical story of creation evolved from an ancient account relating the history of a great civilization that existed thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of years before the ancient Greeks, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, or Aryans? Is it possible that the Garden of Eden did in fact exist but was not

Vampirism in America

Although vampire stories have probably always enjoyed a certain amount of popularity there seems to be a modern resurgence of vampire fiction. Comparable to the insatiable appetites of vampires in popular lore, contemporary society is voraciously feeding on these fictitious characters.  Perhaps this appetite for all things vampire is being perpetuated by the desires and

Is the Word Retard Discriminatory – Yes

Discrimination is not determined by what a word means in the dictionary. It’s determined by how words are used in a social context, and we need to remember that the dictionary is something we’ve created. While the term “retard” might mean slow, that’s not an excuse for referring to people as “retarded.” The “N-words” are

Music Movies Film Media – No

The accusations aimed at movies and music in today’s society only serve to reflect exactly how arrogant we humans can be. On reading this title, the word ‘scapegoat’ comes to mind instantaneously. When a teenager is overly violent, sexually active, smokes or uses drugs, parents have a tendency to blame these behaviours on ‘too many

Orang Pendek

For hundreds of years, people around the Kerinci-Seblat National Park in central Sumatra, Indonesia have been spotting an unknown bipedal ape, dubbed the Orang Pendek (Indonesian for “short person”).  This is significant because the only known ape that walks upright on two feet are humans.  Sightings of the Orang Pendek have caused enough interest that

Kentucky Folklore

Sitting firmly ensconced in the foothills of Appalachia Kentucky is filled with stories and legends that have come from the mouths of generation after generation of families. Each person surely has one of their own folk legends that came from parents and cousins that carry on the family name and history. Tales that speak of