Honesty is the best Policy and the Truth can Set you Free – Agree

Telling the truth is always the best policy. When we lie to people we are not only deceiving them; we are also deceiving ourselves. We are representing the facts to be something they are not. Lies are not only morally wrong; they have the potential to destroy the lives of people around us. It is

Overpaid Enterainersoverpaid Stars

If anyone thinks that sustaining a career as a top entertainer, or sports figure, is easy, well think again. It’s a lot harder than it looks. Are they paid according to their real worth, or according to the fear of those paying them, who feel their stars are irreplaceable. Although I am appalled by the

This Child Earth

This Child EarthThe Ride Begins For most parents there comes a time when they realize that their children aren’t children any more. For many of us that time is never more clear than the day we hand over the keys to the family car. We’ve watched them learn, maybe even took some time to teach

When others don’t take Responsibility for their Faults

Put the blame on … Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes but few gladly put on the dunce cap as the day’s biggest “fool display.” The slick, world-wise individual is always prepared mentally to handle lapses in judgment, performance and decision making by following well rehearsed guidelines to: – assess a mistake, blunder or bad

Why Funerals are not for everyone

People often fear what they don’t understand. Many people dread attending a funeral and can obsess for days before having to attend one. Wakes can also be apprehensive situations, having to co-mingle with the dead and the living. What condolences can a person give that would give the surviving members solace and peace, while they

Naming a Baby Boy Ian

The name of Ian evolves like a family tree and is a favorite pick as a popular name. Gender –  Masculine with related name of John and feminine version Jane. Pronunciation –  EE-an Etymology Hebrew means Gift From GodIrish means God is GraciousScottish means Gift from God, Grace and Mercy of our Lord Origins and

Tips for Discouraging Solicitors

They always seem to know when you have just gotten out of the shower or have just sat down to dinner. The knock on the door interrupts what you are doing and when you look out a total stranger stands there. Depending on the age of the person you can normally tell when they are

Acts of Kindness Making an Ordinary Day Extraordinary

Acts of kindness:Making an ordinary day extraordinary. Being positive when encountering strangers, helping them or being cooperative with them instead of negative towards them can produce an uplifting feeling in yourself. For instance, you may go out of your way to be kind towards someone and maybe appear, or have the fear of appearing ,

The Final Farewell

When someone dies, we need a rite (or series of rites) of closure. Without it, we will have trouble believing that the person is really dead. Our grief, which is often repressed while we are in a stage of shock, may never surface, leaving us with a heavy load to carry around. I was in

The Family in Traditionalist Societies

The family is the oldest form of social organization. The most primitive human associations, the tribes, were based on families. Later on, ethnic and religious communities emerged, then the city-states of antiquity, and the medieval cities. Nations and modern states developed more recently in our history. Nowadays, we experience the largest form of kinship: the

Human Behavior has not Changed throughout History

People haven’t changed much in 2,000 years. We have learned more about the character of a past civilization through the writings recovered from Pompeii, which was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, than we have ever done through the writings of scribes who produced the Bible, the Torah and the Koran. That’s

Etiquette when is it Customary to Remove your Hat

At the last baseball game I attended, the announcer came on at game time, and asked all the gentlemen to remove their hats for the National Anthem. I didn’t know whether to be pleased or annoyed. I was pleased that an age old sign of respect was being upheld. I was annoyed that we have

Commentary Preventing Drunk Driving

For drinkers: Know thyself and plan ahead. How far do you live from the place you are going to enjoy yourself or to just have a “few” drinks? Plan to leave your car at home or in a secure parking place where you can leave it overnight and pick it up in the morning. Check

Sidewalk Etiquette Consideration for others

Most sidewalks are built on the premise that two people can walk side-by-side, or two people can meet and pass each other without touching. Very few sidewalks that I have ever seen allow more than two people to walk in the same area without someone ending up not being on the sidewalk. And it might

Why Children have a need for their Community

There used to be a saying-“It takes a village to raise children.” I believe that statement has relevance even for today. For those who have children, the realization of molding and shaping someone else’s life can create a multitude of emotions from panic to complete exhaustion. Unfortunately there are no rule books or guide books

Why the Emergency Services Deserve our thanks

The tone at the station goes off. The EMTs and paramedics jump into the ambulance and speed off. The EMTs and paramedics just found out they are responding to a man in cardiac arrest. The adrenaline rush is pumping. These people are our street savers. The Emergency Medical Services is a service that provides out-of-hospital

Commentary Rude People who Talk during Movies

The other day, I was watching a movie in a theater with some friends. It was supposed to be a comedy, but I couldn’t stomach a laugh. If I hadn’t gone with a couple of friends, I would have already been in another theater by this point. Especially a movie like this, one that would

The Case for Philanthropy

I’m basically a useless human being. Most of my time is spent in the voracious consumption of goods that degrade the environment. I drive around in an eight-person SUV with a 19-gallon tank that costs a gazillion dollars to fill. I turn the water on full blast when I bathe and I love anything that