The Importance of Volunteering

From the first volunteer fire department, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1736, through the establishment of the American Red Cross in the 1880s, to the development of Vista and the Peace Corps in the 1960s, to national service legislation recently signed by President Obama, Americans have long demonstrated a willingness to volunteer. But why is

How to Survive a Doomsayer

Doomsayers have recently begun to surface, here in the past couple of years. Fears of recessions, consumer confidence fading, rising oil prices, and consequently the price of gas skyrocketing, the loss of jobs, the credit crunch, have been calling them out of their closets. How are we to deal with the onslaught of those who

How to Stay on Top of Things

Money mismanagement and attitudes toward “entitlement” of material goods are the root causes of people working hard just to stay poor. Children are raised to have manners, be kind to others, have social character. However, this education falls short when it comes to instilling financial savvy and lifelong lessons to children, in prudent investing and

What one Learns from a Childhood of Poverty

What one learns from a childhood of poverty Living in this world is not easy and a child waking up every morning and going throughout the day without any food in his or her belly or shoes on their feet is not a good life to them. However, that is the only life they know.

Origins of Superstitionswhy are People Superstitioushow do Superstitions Originate

When delving into the source of superstitions it can be found that some will have origins that seem quite understandable when explained while some are so old that their roots are lost in the mists of time. What is widely accepted is that superstitions, rituals and omens were all man’s early attempt to explain Nature

How to be Good

At one time, morality was a simple problem. You might not choose to be good, but you almost always knew how it was supposed to be done. Obey your parents. Mind anyone older than yourself, in fact, except possibly an older sibling who thought that she knew it all, though she was plainly not always

Become whatever you want – Poor

For me it is better to be poor and free. I am assuming here that wealthy refers to riches of a material kind and that poor does not mean abject poverty. Most people see poor as a place they have to escape from or loath. Very few wealthy people see wealthy as such a place.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Child

The answer to this question largely depends on who is answering the question, and more importantly their age. Any child will say that childhood is an unpleasant time in your life, due to lack of freedom, having to go to school, etc. Of course, children cannot give a very accurate opinion as childhood is all

The Damaging Effects of Materialism

Man is hasty and greedy by instinct. He always remains in search of better to best. His irresistible urge to get the best for him has made materialistic, making him a machine with no emotions and feelings. He is only interested in making more and more money irrespective of religious and moral values. The man

Which is better to Live in the City or the Country – City

There are some questions that really cannot be answered. One of them is this: “which is better, to live in the country or the city?” Ask me that question when I’m stuck in traffic on the Washington Beltway, and I’ll answer, the country. Ask me again, when I’m a three or four hour drive from

Lazy Helium Laziness Energy Depressed Medications Teen Pregnancy Welfare

According to Webster’s dictionary, lazy means, “1. Indisposed to exertion; indolent; slothful. 2. Moving or acting slowly or heavily; sluggish.” This definition represents the old-school meaning of lazy; the typical response of a person slowly dragging their feet while walking is considered being sluggish. In the book, Sociology: A Down-To-Earth-Approach by James M. Henslin offers

Family – Family

The institution of family has been at the forefront of progress for all societies since the beginning of civilization. Before settling in ancient Mesopotamia humans’ were primarily nomads. It wasn’t until mankind ceased from wandering the earth and developed communities that the human race multiplied at a rapid rate. The creation and growth of families

Should i Bring a Gift when Invited for Dinner – Yes

Being invited to share a meal at someone else’s home is an honor. Whether you are an old friend or a new acquaintance does not change that fact. You are given access to the host’s private space, the joy of his (or her) family’s company and the food that you will be enjoying. This is

It is better to be Controlled than to be Completely Free because – Controlled

It is better to be controlled than to be completely free because everyone wants to be free. It is in human nature to be free. Freedom is something we all value; we treasure it more than anything else. Freedom is a gift to human kind. Freedom to think, write and to speak out; freedom to


Florida is a great place to live. It has warm weather, sunshine white sandy beaches and a never-ending list of things to do. What some people don’t know who only visit is that Florida also has no state income tax, so we residents only complete one tax form each year. We also keep a bit

Sailor Superstitions

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning I’m sure that there are many who have heard this rhyme often, and it has been used in movies on occasion as well. It was often heralded by seafarers as a way of telling what the seas would be like. A

Chinese Legend Emperor Yao

The Emperor Yao was an ancient Chinese ruler who was listed among the Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors. With birth name being Yi Fangxun, the Emperor was born in southern China in the 23rd century BC as the second son of Emperor Ku, who had two sons. The elder one was named Zhi. After

Freedom vs Control – Free

When you apply the above question to societies, the answer is undeniably ‘free’. When you control certain aspects of a society, regulate the maintenance and personal decisions of the people, with a static system you will create a friction between the people and the system. People by nature are dynamic, subjecting them to a pattern