Raising a Clone of a Lost Child – No

As parents of course we all love our children and the idea of losing a child is probably just about the most unbearable thing that we can imagine. Nobody wants to outlive their children but the idea that a child can be replaced through a process such a cloning seems questionable at best. Most people

Is Crime a Major Feature of every Day Life – No

No. Crime is not a feature of every day life even though the nightly news might make you think so. Most crimes are committed because of opportunity. If you stay alert to your surroundings, lock you car, keep purses and packages hidden, and lock your home; you are unlikely to become a victim. If you

Helping a Child Live right

I think a child is almost always told how to live his/her own life, a completely irrational preconception of how a child is to be raised. There is ultimately, no basis to tell a child how he/she must live her own life. All created reasons to enforce any sort of values on a child are

Can Morals Survive in the Present Day World – No

There is a crisis of morality in our society.  We have moved away from a  modernist philosophy of constants and absolutes. We have instead moved toward a post-modern philosophy of relativism and subjectivity that already has degenerated morality at it’s core. Morality by nature must be metaphysically absolute. When we start to tell ourselves that

Abortion Child Pregnancy Womens Rights Mens Rights who should Decide Man or Woman – Yes

I am single man who is not in any serious relationship at the moment. However, I believe that planning whether a couple should have a child and going through with it should be done together by the man and woman involved. This can be done easily in case of a planned pregnancy as the man

Chick Flicks and Porn

Pornography is an outlet that men have used to express and fuel their sexual desires. Romantic movies, or “chick-flicks” are outlets that women have used to fuel and express their romantic desires. People are quick to dismiss pornography and say that not only does it harm relationships, but that men should stop watching it. However,

Accepting Life as it is

Peace of mind. Yes that is what you get for accepting people for who they are. People are to be enjoyed. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was like you? We just have to get out of judgment. Now it really ticks me off when someone makes a statement like

A Perfect World

I am awoken by gunshots. I hear explosions in the night. We jerk awake waiting and waiting. A bomb can explode anytime, anywhere. We run for shelter and we dive for cover hoping for our life to last. Soldiers gone off to war know that it would end up as an empty battlefield. Why shall

Once a Criminal always a Criminal – False

The Saying “once a criminal, always a criminal” is anything but false. The rights of equality might oppose this statement and declare it inhumane without taking under consideration the fact that being a criminal requires you to be inhumane. Being a criminal requires a loss of the other for personal pleasure; those who commit crimes

Mid Life Women Mid Life Crises Aging Stay at Home Moms Womansage Fulfillment Desire

If there were ever a time for a woman to feel truly empowered during mid-life, now would be a pretty good one. In the past, women have not been afforded either the time or luxury to lament dreams unfulfilled, but today women are not only entertaining their own fantasies but succeeding in just about anything

Dreams Hyperemesis

As a child, all I could ever imagine was one day graduating from high school. Dream fulfilled. It seems as if life hands us one milestone after the other. The one thing our dreams doesn’t tell us is what’s in between the milestones. When you are twelve years old, your dreams tell you everything is

Steps to Dream Fulfillment

People always told me that I had my “head stuck in a cloud”. As a child I was very imaginative and dreamed of doing great things when I was older. I was convinced that I would marry a celebrity, become a famous singer, and move to my own private island. As an adult I realize

Obesity in America what is Needed to Implement Lasting Change

Weight has become a major issue in the United States of America. American children are some of the most overweight in the developed world. The proportion of people who are obese in the nation is alarming. One major cause for this national weight gain is the sedentary lifestyle that many Americans have adopted. Many Americans

Image self Confidence Health

Am I pretty? Am I ugly? Am I too skinny? Am I to fat? All the men and women of the world ask themselves this question. The society that we live in today puts a lot of emphasis on a persons looks. A persons self image helps to define who they are. If some one

Happy Productive People or not – Agree

Well. I wouldn’t see why not! producton should make us happy. Especially if it involves money. I think it also helps if we enjoy what is making the people productive in the first place. One has to feel good to be productive. Who doesn’t want to be happy? If one isn’t happy, they are bound

Essaays about Nature

The narrow road wound through the northeastern California country side on a lazy almost surreal day in the fall of the year. The day was gray, coloring everything in an opaque hue, almost like a dream state. At some point we would see an old picnic table leaning against a telephone poll where we would

Is Creativity a Dying Art

A person who is creative is creative in everything they do. They are the first to see the value in things and predict what will happen next. Most people are not creative. You do not learn creativity. Being creative is a natural gift given to those who will use it well. A person who is


We need mistakes to learn how to live and survive as humans. If we don’t have mistakes and learn from them we will always be a danger to ourselves and others. If we did not have mistakes, very few of us would make it to adulthood. This is because without mistakes we will cross a