National and Regional Languages of Pakistan

Pakistan is a multilingual nation and most Pakistanis can speak and understand two or more languages. The national language of Pakistan is Urdu which is widely understood and spoken in all parts of the country. English is still the official language while most people also converse in their native languages which are different for each

Biography Carrie Chapman Catt

Women of the United States knew their place in 1859, or so was the perception of man. Little did those men realise that, within the first ten days of that year there was to be born a lady who, later in her life, would help to radically reshape the dominant male regime. That lady was

Inner Peace

Inner peace, a place we would all like to be, but seldom arrive. I believe it is attainable for all, and with some self-reflection and a little effort we can all get there. To me, one of the keys was self-acceptance, of who and what I am. No one is perfect, but being the best

Overview of Languages Spoken in Pakistan

The languages spoken in Pakistan have deep, ancient roots. Some of the languages have developed indigenously in the various regions of Pakistan, yet others have been brought to Pakistan by invaders and rulers. Pakistan’s national language, Urdu, has developed from an amalgam of all such language: it is unique in that it is a language

Popular and Traditional Sports of Pakistan

Sports in Pakistan are played with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm. To a casual observer it might seem that only the game of cricket is followed, played and revered here but Pakistan has produced world class hockey, squash, snooker and polo players too. Many sports in Pakistan are patronized by Pakistan armed forces as

Deciding to keep your Maiden name after Marriage – No

The twentieth century was a period of change and growth in society, especially with regards to the roles women performed.  Many women were working outside of the home and doing many jobs that men used to do.  When women gained more independence the face of marriage changed.  All of a sudden, women started demanding more

Small Town Living

Peace, serenity, freedom, these things and more can be yours when you choose a rural lifestyle. Family, community, and God are often the central themes in these remote areas. Rich in history, rural living has plenty to offer. Take a glimpse of small town living and you will find a community woven together over generations

Womens Rights in the 1920s America

The emergence of women’s rights in 1920s’ America reminds me of the 1960s’ Virginia Slims cigarette commercial, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”  And indeed they have.  The 1920s was a bellwether decade for women’s rights.  Although in the late 1800s, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton introduced an amendment prohibiting the right to

Lazy Americans are Americans Lazy – Yes

Of course they are. The average American has been lazy for such a long time that there is a picture of an American in the dictionary beside the word lazy. I would even go farther than this dictionary and even say worthless as well. Only somebody that is lazy would say American’s aren’t lazy. Most

Women looking Good in Societys Eyes

No where, more so than in the United States are young girls, teen girls and young women, pressured to look a certain way. They are pressured through the media’s various outlets, such as print ads, magazines, television, movies and also feel pressure from society in general. They are told from a young age, that in

A Short History of Hand Held Fans

There is a hand-held fan hanging on the wall over my computer. I had never really thought about this early air-conditioning system until I came across this one in a thrift shop. It is made on a bamboo frame with ribs and a dark blue fabric painted with birds and flowers. Obviously a production-style gift

Enjoy Nature in the City

When car honks and cell phone towers outnumber trickling streams and flowering trees, it can be hard to find ways to appreciate nature. But city dwellers, do not despair! There are simple ways to enjoy and tune in to nature no matter how much smog surrounds you. Take advantage of parks. Go for walks, lay

Understanding the Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 Whcra

For 2010, it was estimated that there are 207,000 breast cancer cases in women. That is according to the National Cancer Institute website. Mastectomy is often done on women. This involves removing the breast tissue containing the tumor. Because mastectomy can change the shape of the breast, some women opt for breast reconstruction surgery which

Pakistani Folk Dances Folk Dances in Pakistan Folk Dances Pakistan Arts Khattan Attan Mujra

Dancing is perhaps one form of art that has received the least support both from the people as well as the patronisers. Yet, there are many forms of dances, both classical and folk that have survived this ordeal, and in fact ,are showing some signs of new renaissance in Pakistan. While folk dances are usually

Moon real estate

The landing of the first men on the moon on July 20th, 1969 was a seminal moment in the history of scientific achievement. The pictures that were beamed back to Earth were of grainy black and white images, but they were enough to capture people’s interest. They showed a virgin landscape untouched by pollution. Many

Society or Biology – Society

Society and biology play a big part of how we identify ourselves as men and women but one plays a bigger part than the other. Biology plays a role in how we develop anatomically but society plays a role in how we develop psychologically. Society’s influence is a lot stronger on how we identify with

Rural Life Advantages of Rural Living Small Town Life Advantages Living Small

Hicksville, NA. It’s a three hour drive north, east, south or west of anywhere, as remote and isolated as anyone would want or, perhaps, hope to be. There isn’t much to do in the form of entertainment, the shopping leaves much to be desired and options for dining out are limited. On the other hand,

Preventing Drunk Driving

Despite mainstream media propaganda, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is not an organization that promotes the prevention of drunk driving. On the contrary, MADD is more of an extortionist arm of law enforcement than an altruistic non-profit hell bent on eliminating the carnage on our nation’s roads. Founded in 1980, MADD developed a mission statement