Overpaid Enterainersoverpaid Stars

If anyone thinks that sustaining a career as a top entertainer, or sports figure, is easy, well think again. It’s a lot harder than it looks. Are they paid according to their real worth, or according to the fear of those paying them, who feel their stars are irreplaceable.

Although I am appalled by the inequity of their pay scale, as opposed to the rest of us, I will still try to build a case for our high regard for entertainers, as well as highly paid sports figures. Alas, the poverty accompanying more noble endeavors, such as ministering to the needy, or teaching, is a legacy that emerged from the mists of time.</p>

<p>Since ancient times, we the people of this planet, have fully enjoyed our recreation. Cave paintings may have had more than one significance, but the person responsible for the art had to have some time away from the harsh reality of survival, to create a remarkable picture of the time in which they lived.</p>

<p>The urgent need to survive surely motivated some ancient person to be incredibly creative and resourceful. It is likely that other some members of that group, who enjoyed the benefits of whatever was manifest, were inspired to build upon that idea in some way, so as to be useful, and to assume a more important place within the group.</p>

<p>If we inspect historic tales of various cultures, there is always evidence of artistic and recreational ferment of some kind. When fed and comforted, we seek to play. When others play, we are inclined, even summoned, to be onlookers. It’s as though the energy created by others who are involved in some kind of playful mode, creates a magnetic energy that draws us to it.</p>

<p>Except at our most disciplined meditative state of mind, or when we are consumed with ‘flow’ during a project, we are strongly attracted by the activity around us. Call it nosy, rubber-necking, or name it eavesdropping, our brain seem to be ever on the lookout for an energy pick me up. We are fundamentally connected to the world, and the people around us. This may be a function of elementary survival, or not, but it is a characteristic we all share.</p>

<p>So then, why would we pay big bucks to people who are really good at distracting, inspiring, motivating, or entertaining us? Perhaps because the marketplace has found this aspect of human nature, to be the perfect framework in which to present their products. If, during the times of the Gladiators of Ancient Rome, there were flashing neon signs advertising the campaign to sign up for a stint in Caesar’s army, or buy water from the newest system of aqueducts, the Roman senate would have themselves invested in it.</p>

<p>In addition to the fact that the challenges of life have eased up a bit since Ancient Rome, todays marketplace is a powerful tool of our global economy that requires each and every one of us to pay attention, and support it, so it can, ostensibly, make us happier, or even support us back. How much is it worth to the marketplace to keep our attention with branding, flashy ads, and the payment of big money to those talented people who establish, and support, a high level of performance that is reliable, predictable if you will? Apparently, a great deal.</p>

<p>On the surface of it, major entertainers, and many sports figures, are highly paid compared to the rest of us. Those who pay them have likely given much consideration to their own financial investment. It appears that the talent they pay, is worth the money after all.

There is less risk with proven talent, than with those who yet have to prove themselves. When it comes to highly paid entertainers, more talent and less risk, are the magic partners that oil the wheels of show business. That does include the world of sports as well.

We the onlookers, might just as well sit back and enjoy the show. Someone with a lot of money, be it an individual or corporation, already decided the talent we are watching is worth watching.