Honesty is the best Policy and the Truth can Set you Free – Agree

Telling the truth is always the best policy. When we lie to people we are not only deceiving them; we are also deceiving ourselves. We are representing the facts to be something they are not. Lies are not only morally wrong; they have the potential to destroy the lives of people around us. It is much easier to tell the truth than to tell a lie when we respect ourselves for who we are.

Sometimes we have to dance around the truth and try to avoid hurting other people’s feelings. We do not need to devastate the people around us with an absolute fact. Some situations need a little tack and diplomacy applied to them. There is never an excuse to lie, unless you are being questioned in a military situation by the enemy.  If someone were to ask us what we thought of their new statue. In our opinion, it might seem hideous, but is the love of their life. We could say, “your statue is very different and unique.” Hopefully, at that point the question will go away. If not we can tell them that it is not really my style, but I love that it makes you so happy. The truth should never be used to hurt someone’s feelings. Just because we do not like it, does not stop the rest of the world that it’s great. We are responsible for being true to ourselves. In order to achieve this goal we have to speak and live by the truth.

It is better not to answer a question then it is to break a promise or betray a confidence. When we break a confidence, we are not only lying to ourselves, we have lied to the person we made the promise to! We cannot be “true” to ourselves, unless we can be “true” to the people around us! When we tell the truth we never have to remember what we have said. The truth is something we know and not something that has to be remembered! Our truth is not always the same as another person’s truth. There seems to be different interpretations of the meaning of “truth” when we speak about either religion or politics. When is “the truth” “truth” and not just opinion?

We should always be true to ourselves because it makes us who we really are! Truth is the one thing in our lives that we have complete and total control over. “Truth” is representative of the person we are and who we have become. Every religion believes we should tell the truth. People, who lie to other people, tend to lie to themselves. If we lie to ourselves, how are we to know who we truly are? People who lie will never be able to earn the respect and trust of others!

“Truth” is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. On the other hand, we should not accept things as being truth, just because they are represented as such. There is an old saying from a wise person who really understood the meaning of “truth.” It says, “Don’t believe anything you’ve heard and less than half of what you see”! If we believe and live by the truth, we will become a better person. Being a truthful person is the only way to have self-respect and to gain the respect of those around us. Believing in truth and principal can be hard at times: in the end, the truth is always the best policy!