Honesty is the best Policy always – Agree

Honesty is the most virtuous of all virtues in a persons character. For the simple reason that it is the telling of things how they be, the telling of the truth. To distort or corrupt the truth and knowledge of the truth is to lie and to present things in a way which is not how they really are. It takes not a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to see how this simple act can lead to all manner of undesired consequences, or more perversely in many cases, desired consequences.

Saying a ‘white lie’ is, of course, acceptable to the extent where it is serving another morally justifiable purpose. If by telling a lie one is also upholding a more important value, then arguably one is merely choosing a ‘lesser of two evils’. However in many cases such so called ‘white’ lies are actually very dirtied with alterior motivations. The cleanliness they purport to possess is in many cases fraudulent.

Lying is an art. As such there are some who enjoy it for its own sake. After all, who hasn’t enjoyed a good work of fiction, or immersed themselves in a well crafted play at a theatre? Is not much music the creation of an illusory ambience? Is not much film the escapist vent of fantastic yearnings? Are not humans, as mere animals, constantly trying to evolve from their weak forms in favor of something superior, if not supreme? Is not escapism the art of convincing oneself that another reality is the one to which we belong and in which we live?

However there is a difference. Art and escapism are like experimental sound recordings with a new piece of technology. They are not meant to represent the true state of things. As such they are more illusions than actual lies. To lie about the real state of things, if this serves no worthier purpose, is the greatest of evil acts. To distort the truth is to cause a chain that could eventually lead to significant ignorance or misunderstandings on a matter.

Lying for personal gain is worse than lying as an art. To lie for its own sake at least shows that an individual is only, when one considers it, being honest to themselves, and to their nature as a compulsive lier. Indeed to admit to being one is not to break that personality asunder, as a compulsive lier does not have to always lie. Whereas to lie merely for personal profit is indeed an unforgiveable wickedness. Think of how many corrupt politicians and businessmen lie each and every day, just to add to their already bulging wallets, when many people find it hard enough to afford their daily bread, let alone fast sports cars and haircuts.

Honesty is always the best policy. If you must lie, make sure you know why you have to, and be ready to account for your act.