Why does Kindness Matter

Why does kindness matter? Kindness shows that you do understand the meaning of the word “care.” Kindness mainly matters because it reinforces a positive reputation of yourself. Kindness also does the biggest things in the most simplest of ways.

It shows you that you do care at least a little. When you are kind to someone, you may show appreciation of what he or she has done for you in the past or present. You may also use kindness to show that you have a lot of affection for someone. Kindness is the best way to make a first impression on someone you think is special because it shows them that you may know how to deal with others in times of need. After all, you can’t be rude to someone you like for so long.

Kindness also puts forth a positive image of yourself. Everyone talks about the “bad” people, but they give most recognition towards the “good.” Kindness shows others that you are caring and understanding. You are patient to find answers and not get frustrated by the most simple of matters. You have an ability to understand another’s emotions, and that it would be best to show compassion towards certain situations.

Kindness also does many great deals of meaningful things in the most simple of ways. Just by being nice to someone, you can make someone feel better. When you are kind to someone, they may build more self-esteem because you are not putting the person down and making them feel worthless. You also give them a sense of integrity, and give yourself a feeling of great pride and love towards the world. Just think, you can make yourself and someone else feel better at the same time. That is a win-win situation.

Kindness does show a lot to the world. You give yourself a lot of pride because you are doing so much for another by practically doing nothing but being friendly. Being friendly shouldn’t be very difficult even though we may be through some tough times because we all should always be friendly to others. We also get a feeling of love towards the world because when you help one person, you help the world. They feel more confident and they are able to make someone else feel more confident, too. That way we are spreading strength all across the globe.

Kindness can do many things, and that’s why it matters a lot. Being kind should be part of everyone’s morals. It not only helps ourselves but also other people and basically the world.