How to Show Compassion to others Random Acts of Kindness Showing Compassion to others Kindness

Unfortunately, in today’s society, people are so busy and involved in their own lives that little thought is given to showing compassion to others outside their own families.  Grocery store lines are often filled with people who are so busy texting or busy talking on a cell phone that they barely notice others around them.  What a different place the world might be if everyone took more time to observe those people around them.  These people are strangers, but they are human beings and many of them may be impacted by simple acts of compassion and kindness in a profound way.

Showing compassion to strangers can be accomplished in so many simple ways.  Just holding a door open for a young mother struggling to carry her purchases and keep up with her young toddlers is a wonderful act of compassion.  Helping someone reach a can of food that is high on a grocery store shelf, or allowing someone to go ahead of you in a supermarket line because they have fewer items than you are both examples of simple acts of compassion.   Perhaps the person who is allowed to go in front of you in line is in a hurry because he or she has a loved one in the hospital battling a terminal disease, and getting through the line quickly allows him or her to get back to their loved one more quickly. 

Compassion is not only accomplished in small ways, but in bigger ways as well. Once again, many people today are so busy and rushed that when looking for a parking spot in a crowded lot they will often try to get to the spot nearest the door.  What a great show of compassion it would be if that parking place could be left for someone who really needs to be closer to the building.  Perhaps an elderly woman has some difficulty walking long distances and a closer parking spot would make the walk easier for her.  Perhaps she will never know the person who deliberately looked for a parking place that is further away, but she will appreciate her “luck” that day. 

Another way to perform a random act of kindness is to offer to pay for another person’s coffee or meal.  Imagine how grateful someone could be when encountering a perfect stranger who is willing to be so kind.  It is possible that this person is struggling financially, and this kind act will help ease their financial struggles just a little bit more on that day. 

Those who are on the receiving end of acts of kindness by strangers may feel grateful and even a bit surprised, but the real blessing will be for those are perform the good deeds. They will feel a bit better about themselves that day knowing that they helped brighten someone’s day just a bit.  What a different world it might be if everyone showed compassion and kindness to other each day.