Acts of Kindness Making an Ordinary Day Extraordinary

Acts of kindness:Making an ordinary day extraordinary.

Being positive when encountering strangers, helping them or being cooperative with them instead of negative towards them can produce an uplifting feeling in yourself. For instance, you may go out of your way to be kind towards someone and maybe appear, or have the fear of appearing , unmanly. You’re only showing consideration,not making yourself seem weak. By putting effort into an exchange with a stranger, for example, you are giving them the equivalent a smile, if you aren’t doing this already along with your act of kindness. And giving someone a smile is like saying you like, or love them, as Louis Armstrong says in his song,What a Wonderful World,”You see friends shaking hands saying how do you do,they ‘re really saying I love you.”
Positive actions OF kindness help make the world a more livable place. Life is hard enough without people making it worse,by not making the effort to be considerate to others, out of a false sense of machismo, or pretense that they mustn’t show their softer side because that would make them seem weak or un-masculine.
To give positive vibes, or rather pass on positive vibes to another person,is obviously a good thing . It can make life worth living. It can give hope to someone who feels that they have none. People who act insensitively or deliberately put others down, aren’t helping.People need to be liked which gives them a feeling of well being. These sorts of feelings are needed like food is needed to maintain the body. They’re fuel for the spirit, giving a boost to our self esteem, giving us a will to live, to go on to even greater things, because of the confidence they induce and belief that we have positive attributes, something of value in ourselves, which we may never have thought we had before.
People in a loving relationship can pass on these positive affirmations to each other and then carry them over into the outside world. Because a couple love each other they tend to feed the other positive comments because they want to make them feel good. They realise the praise they give to their partner will be given back in return because they are both batting for the same team, both pulling together,looking out for the other, which is what we should do in the wider world.
Why not infect someone with a little kindness which could then pass on to others and make life worth living?