The Random Acts of Kindness Movement Explored

It was one of those kinds of days where it was so hard to get out of the bed that I looked like I was in my pajamas all day (even though I called myself putting on clothes). One of those days where my daycare provider looked at me and said, “Are you sure you’re going to go to work today? Why don’t you go home instead and get some rest?” Yeah, one of THOSE kinds of days that just didn’t look too great from the moment I awoke. But all of that changed as a result of a random act of kindness.

After opting for a bit of rest, working from home and plundering through the day as best I could, I scooped up my young one from daycare. We went immediately afterward to the grocery store to hunt something down for dinner. While strolling through the isles, we were blessed with the ageless sounds of Tina Turner over the speakers throughout the store. My young one, at only three years old, showed his appreciation for the undisputed, ageless queen of rock and roll and immediately began to sing, “What’s love got to do, got to do with it?” Blew my mind! It was the first reason that I saw to smile and laugh to myself all day.

Several minutes later we proceeded to the cash register. Although another song or two had passed, my wee one patiently waited and continued to echo Tina’s sentiments over and over (in tune, mind you!). The gentleman ahead of us looked down at him and began to smile when he realized what he was singing. Obviously it made his day, and then he made mine. Before I knew it, he glanced at me and acknowledged the gift of song, waved his hand and walked out the door leaving the money to pay for all the groceries in my shopping bag. He even left without getting his change. The cashier was stunned and so was I. Wow! That was all we could say. “Do you know him?” she asked me looking puzzled. “I’ve never seen him before in my life,” I replied noticeably bit stupefied. I didn’t even get the chance to thank him. He disappeared quickly and I couldn’t find him in the parking lot either.

It was a random act of kindness that blessed me in so many ways that I just had to write about it. He was a young man, obviously from his appearance, someone who physically or manually worked hard for a living. He was not the typical “sugar daddy” type that looked like he had money to burn for the exchange of a telephone number and further favors. He was an every day man that many would never notice yet he became my angel for the day. It was probably just a few dollars to him, but for me it was a dose of heaven in the midst of “a hell of a day.”

What he didn’t know, couldn’t have had a clue about, was that I was anxiously holding my breath, spending my very last $5.00, counting carefully, praying in my head that I had enough change for dinner and dish liquid and that there was still toilet paper at home, as well as a dollar or two for an emergency before pay day which was two days later. (And yes, I meant for that sentence to be just that long and drawn out and run over because that’s exactly where I was in that moment.) He didn’t know that I had two other teens in my household to feed that day or that my husband and I struggle incessantly to make ends meet. He didn’t know that I had to scrimp and scrape to rob Peter to pay Paul and Patricia too all around school starting that same day and the school supplies to buy. He didn’t know how hard it was for me to get out of bed that day and try all over again with a positive attitude and a smile on my face. And yet he blessed me anyway with a moment of miracle, gift and grace totally unsolicited.

In a world overflowing with violence and anger on every dimension imaginable, it is easy to overlook or even be blind to beauty and kindness. Funny how many of us think that angels do not exist or that they are somewhere out of our reach when they just might be right before us. I am most grateful that through the weary eyes of my wear and tear that day, I was somehow clear enough to see and receive the miracle of three angels- my son and Tina Turner in concert and the nameless stranger.

What’s love got to do with it?

Evidently, everything! I plan to pass it on.