Country Living is the Place for me – Country

When I was in my teenage years I always said I wanted to live in the city, but it wasn’t until I matured that I realized the country is where I really need to be. I actually live in a small town, not really country- but my mom grew up in the country and her values and beliefs are ones that I treasure and contribute to her up-bringing. Nobody cares so much about how much money you have, fancy clothing you wear, or being afraid to have your children play outside when your in the country. Small, simpler things keep you happy and gracious to have what you have. You can enjoy nature more, and know your neighbors even better ironically since the next house is usually not so close to you. There is a sense of community, and wisdom of living simply.

City living is appealing for some because it seems as if you don’t have to go far for just about anything you “need”. My stepmother lived in New York City most of her life and boasts about how you used to be able to just pick up the telephone and order your groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep. While that may sound nice for some, what about the experience of being outside and interacting with other people? Shopping is a big time issue on the other hand when it comes to clothing. Fashion is identity in the city, but I beg to differ. Since when does a $100 shirt make you an outstanding person? I don’t think you would run into that problem in the country, where your mother probably patched up your brother’s shirt for you to wear again! Country folks are not wasteful, and make use of what they have as much as they can. Crime and violence is another decision maker for me. There may be crimes committed in the country too, but it is rarer to hear about people getting shot in the country.

In the end, it really does depend on the person. If you’re someone who makes money, high fashion, night life, and convience a priority then maybe city life is for you. I, however, find that meger wages, peace and quiet, and a sense of work well done is best found in the country which I would choose any day over the city. I want my son to appreiciate and value what we have and how hard we have worked for it. I want our family to respect nature, and be kind to other people despite differences. Most of all, I don’t want my family around violent crime because I enjoy seeing my little boy outside enjoying himself; I don’t want to worry so much about him getting hurt by someone in our own back yard.