Country Living is less Stressful – Country

If city lifestyle fits like a glove, then you will probably experience comfort and satisfaction there. However, if you choose to live in the country, rather than in the city, and you have lived in the city, you will notice a considerable drop in the sizzling energy delivered to your senses.

The country allows much more room to stretch out your comfort zone, and relax. In the country, you don’t need to buy a ticket ahead of time, or arrange for transportation due to parking problems. The countryside itself, your back yard, and the views from many places, present vistas that are interesting or just nice to look at. And when the time comes to get some city entertainment, the drive into town can be a fun event itself.

To be fair, there is a lot of variety out there across the USA, and living in suburbia has its own cargo of stressful possibilities. Some types of suburban living are very countrified, and offer a good combinaton of semi country living, with easy work access in the big city.

However, living in the country offers a more comfortable lifestyle, one that concentrates on home and family more than the intricaciesthan come about from a lot of buildings, and roads full of lots of people doing lots of things. The cities close down to some degree, but the trucks, sirens, and noises generated by activity that never ends, bring a lot more stress to everyone who lives there.

In the country, there’s more opportunity to interact with nature, enjoy the peacefulness, cleaner air, and play at things like using a bow and arrow, raising a few different kind of pets, planting an herb garden, or roses that bloom several times a year.

In the country, hobbies are not confined to the size of your storage closet. Picnics are not crowded out by an unexpected festival of thousands. And children and pets are not exposed to the stresses of loud traffic noises, and uncooperative neighbors that live right next to the wall in your living room.

Choosing to live in the country or the city, is not an either/or situation. They both have advantages and disadvantages. In general, living in the country has an easier rhythm. Shopping for everyday items is much easier in the country, or small town.

In the country, community affairs are more personal, and the connections to be made with neighbors have the advantage of you all being able to share interests, and recreational activities more easily. The chances of your children and extended family being a welcome part of the local scene offers friendship, and emotional support.

To be able to choose a lifestyle in the country, insures more opportunity to relax and enjoy nature, as well as a smaller, more interactive community, and less overall stress.