The Country Side is a Healthier Living – Country

It is certainly better to live in the country than in the city, but it depends on so many factors before you can decide where to really live.

The advantage of the country in most cases is that the air is fresh and there is much less pollution. There are fewer cars, less factories, less people and you have more space between houses, you can have gardens and trees that give oxygen. You have no parking problems and shopping is not really far from home and concentrated in one area normally.

In the city, the pollution is at its maximum, the number of cars, factories, people, the number of buildings close to each other. The carbon dioxide reigns in cities much more. In a city you will have less chances of having a house and garden and you will live more in an apartment.

If we speak of security the city is where you are more likely to be attacked and less in security. Now it is up to each person individually to know what they prefer. For those that love the country side there are many jobs that can be found there from banking, through medicine, shop owner, accounting, education and many other possibilities. The pay might not be as high as in the city but then you need to choose what your preference is really and what you really want.

An important factor is that not all cities are as big as New York, Paris, London and some other cities worldwide. Some cities and centers are smaller and are easily reachable from the country side within half an hour drive sometimes slightly more even in rush hour. There I would not even think twice and I would choose of course the country side which is healthier.

Now if you work in major city where it can take two hours and more to reach, the choice is more difficult. If you can afford it or get from your company a small apartment, you could live during the week in the city like many do and on Friday return home to the country side and join your family and have a great week-end.

So the choice is an individual choice and what each person can afford, the distance to work, the comfort you are looking for. The country side has many advantages depending where you live. You could be at the seaside or in the mountains or near lakes where during the week-end or in the morning you can jog and have a healthy life.

Entertainment naturally can be found more in major cities but also country side has its own entertainment including restaurants and cinemas, dancing and theaters.