Rural Country Living Advantages

Imagine driving away from the city to go home to your country estate. Your sanctuary. You can sense when you break through that border to the country. The air smells better, it smells clean. This is just one of the many advantages to rural living, read on to find more.

More house for the money. In the city you can spend $200,000 on a shoebox with a six story walk up, no air conditioning, no yard, and air pollution, where do you sign up? Or you can move a few minutes out of the city and get a three bedroom home with a yard and possibly a garage for that $200,000. Space is another advantage, you have a place to put that hideous lamp Aunt Myrtle gave you for your wedding present, in the garage.

Children and pets, yes that’s right, they have room to roam and run around and just be. If you have a big enough space you can get yourselves some chickens and you will never buy eggs again. You can have a garden, flower or vegetable, maybe both. What about that horse you wanted when you were 6? Can’t really enjoy a horse in the city, but hey this is the country. You can have more then one horse if you really want, and a couple dogs to, don’t forget the chickens.

A big advantage for some people would be the quiet factor. It is peaceful and more relaxing to live in a rural area then living in the city. Less traffic for you to have to fight with to get to the store or a trip to the movies, no more having to pay to park in front of your own place.  Less people usually means less crime, people actually get to know their neighbors in country settings and look out for each other or will actually volunteer to help you with mowing your lawn or planting flowers.

The biggest advantage would have to be to your health. The air is always cleaner then living in a city. You live in the country you are more likely to get your butt off the couch and putter around outside. It is more relaxing, therefore less stressful, and drum roll please, you can sit outside at night and not only see the stars, but count them. You never know you might even get a wink from the man on the moon.