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Ending Racism by Healing Wounds

Shadow Truths Never before in the history of racial relations in this country have we been closer to an opportunity for a healing of all wounds. The great strides towards a true equality we made during the 1960’s were remarkable it is true, but they did not put the issue of racism completely to rest.

Race Inequality

I am a Chinese living in a predominantly Malay country. The country is Malaysia. I was born here, but I was told that after more than 50 years of national independence, I must still accept that I am a guest in this country, while the Malays are the Lords called “Bumiputra” – meaning “Prince of

Interracial Couples on Screen

What’s wrong with our world today? After years of bigotry, prejudice and cruelty against one human towards another, its about time we can enjoy interracial and multicultural acting and actors on the big screen. i think the big screen is nothing but an opportunity to see how real people live and interact with each other.The

A True look at Racism

I was recently accused of being a racist. I’m a regular poster on the NBA boards at At one point some of my fellow posters and I started talking politics (I know, I know…talking politics on a sports website is just a disaster waiting to happen) and someone accused Barack Obama of being racist

Learning about Racism – Learned

To understand the fundamental difference between “taught” and “learned” is critical to this debate. To be taught requires the active involvement of a teacher, while learning can be both active and passive. One can learn by being taught AND one can learn by teaching themself. With respect to this debate, to say that racism is

Are American Whites Suffering Racial Discrimination

We moved our family from rural Michigan in 2005. Jobs were scarce, cost of living was high, and we wanted a fresh start. It was so exciting (and a little scary) to move to a bigger city in Arizona. I was more worried about fitting in with “city people” than I was about people of

Are Children Racists – Taught

Last weekend while doing his nightly flip through all TV channels” routine, my husband decided to stop on MTV just to see the reaction of our children. Not too surprisingly, they were quite intrigued by the style of dance and dress on the music video. We observed their processing of this kind of information and

Rasicm Parents Teachings – Learned

When a child is born, it’s mind is fresh, new and pure. This should of course be the most prominent evidence that such an evil act as racism is learned. Children are like sponges, they pick up everything that they see and hear around them, they are unaware of the understanding of each little detail

Under the Subject it is on – Taught

Race is taught and then later learned. Children are taught by what their parents say and do. Every person I ever heard always said they are brought up a certain way with a certain belief from their parents. It is passed on through generations. Although not everyone follows how their parents believe or how they

Racism Humanity Black vs White Multi Culturalism – Learned

As a born and bred Englishman who has lived in South Africa most of his life, I would like to add my ten cents’ worth to this interesting debate, and not from an American viewpoint (which is all too prevalent amongst your writers), but from a South African perspective. Racism is one of our favourite

Racism and Globalization – Learned

The premise of the debate is not a particularly viable one: what is learned must be taught in order to have been learned, unless, of course, the term “learned” relates to the act of being discovered in which case it would suggest that there is a premise present for racism, waiting to be discovered –

Songs about Racial Harmony

My earliest recollection of a song that promotes racial harmony is the 1969 hit for Blue Mink entitled “Melting Pot”. The fact that the leading vocalists consisted of Roger Cook, a white male and black female, Madeline Bell, added to the overall message. I actually heard this song on the radio just the other day

Identifying the Burakumin

The Burakumin are a disadvantaged social group in Japan. The word burakumin literally translates as ‘people of the hamlet,’ describing the people living at the outskirts of towns and villages. However this 19th century term is just a substitute for the harsher realities of what the Burakumin are: outcasts. The root of discrimination lies in

Female Genital Mutilation Circumcision Fgm in the us Womens Rights Egypt

Geography of Female Genital Mutilation: The prevalence of FGM greatly varies among countries of the world. The procedure is currently practiced in about 28 African nations, some Middle Eastern countries, among a few minority groups in Asia and areas that immigrant communities reside. Frequency rates tend to fluctuate widely. On the lower end of the

What is a Woman

Presently a woman’s role has opened up to new dimensions in modern civilization. Women can be career women, students, scientists and politicians. Women may also maintain to be mothers, daughters and friends. It is not just the educational aspects that make a woman succeed. Women are strong and resilient in both their body and soul,

Intersection of Racism Sexism and Homophobia

Sexism TodayA Speech on the intersection of Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia Sexism is an important issue in both the world in general and America more specifically today. Sexism is closely connected to racism, classism, and homophobia. But sexism is perpetuated against the largest population, a little over 50 percent of people on the earth, it’s

Women in Islam a Childs Story

The status of women before Islam can be viewed through this tale. A companion of the prophet Mohammad(PBUH) was sat with him one day and the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) asked what is the one thing that you have done in your life for which you think you may not be forgiven. THe companion became sad

Beauty Pageant Sexism – Disagree

It seems inherent to the age-old issue of feminism that a woman is either beautiful and stupid, or homely and smart. Beauty does not quantify intelligence. In fact, one has nothing to do with the other. So then, why must the argument of sex and beauty automatically be correlated with intelligence and feminism? While the