Women in Islam a Childs Story

The status of women before Islam can be viewed through this tale.

A companion of the prophet Mohammad(PBUH) was sat with him one day and the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) asked what is the one thing that you have done in your life for which you think you may not be forgiven. THe companion became sad and began his tale. At the time the companion was about to leave his family and begin his travels, his wife was pregnant. Before bidding her farewell he clearly stated if you have a boy you may keep it but if you have a girl you must bury her before I return.
The companion returned to his house after a period of approx seven years. As he drew closer to the house he could hear voices inside. One of the voice belonged to his wife and the other he did not recognise. It was that of a small girl.
As he entered the house he was warmley greeted and after having a drink of water he sat down. The child asked the mother. Mummy who is this person. The mother replied. Sweetheart this is your father. The child was so happy and ran to embrace her father. Later when the child had gone to sleep the companion addressed his wife in an angry manner and asked her why she had not burried the child. The wife started to cry and said she could not bring herself to do it. The companion then made up his mind that the following day he would do just that. The wife begged him to spare the child but he would not listen. The wife then asked if she could be wih her daughter for another week before he took her away. The companion agreed.
On the seventh day the mother bathed the little girl and dressed her in the best dress she had. The child was excited and asked her mother. Mummy why am i wearing new clothes today. The mother told her that today her father was going to take her out. The child could not contain her excitement.
When it was time to leave the mother hugged and kissed her child for the last time. Her child seemed so happy. The little girl took her fathers hand and happily waved goodbye to her mother. She skipped along holding her fathers hand. She asked “Father where are we going” He told her they were going to visit the bazaar. As they walked past the bazaar and headed towards the jungle the little girl thought maybe her father was taking her to a different bazaar.
The father stopped in the middle of the jungle and without a word started to dig a hole in the ground. As he was digging his daughter could see the sweat on his forehead so she took the corner of her scarf and wiped his forehead. If any dirt fell on his clothes she would use her hands and her scarf to dust it away from her fathers clothes.
After a while the father had dug a whole large enough for a small child. He told his daughter to jump into it. The daughter did as she was told. The father then started to fill the hole. The child asked what are you doing father. He told her he was going to bury her in the hole. The child started to cry and asked her father what she had done the father kept filling the hole. The child begged her father to stop but the whole was getting filled. When he had burried the child he picked up his belongings and walked away as he turned his back he heard a voice from behind that said. I will never forgive your tyrancy untill the day of judgement.
When the companion had finished this tale the prophet (PBUH) said that is a very wrong deed that you did.
So my dear muslim sisters the status of a women today as given to her by Islam is that she is the Queen of her household.If Islam had not been brought forward who knows what the staus of women would be. Praise be to Allah (SWT) the all knowing the all seeing.