Under the Subject it is on – Taught

Race is taught and then later learned. Children are taught by what their parents say and do. Every person I ever heard always said they are brought up a certain way with a certain belief from their parents. It is passed on through generations. Although not everyone follows how their parents believe or how they were raised some choose to find out for themselves. Being raciest is a choice{not a good choice but a choice}. It is a choice how people look at others, how they react to others after they have grown up to make that choice but as far as taught or learned. Well I believe it is taught from early childhood and as you get older you have already learned what you have been taught now it is your CHOICE to learn Not to be that way or not. Parents instill all their beliefs onto their children and they grow up believing their parents word because it is their parents. As you get older and get into the world you can make your choice on how to deal with different people and ethnic groups. People need to learn everyone is the same, but that is not what you are taught as you are growing up. I would hope it would change by now and it has improved some what but could still be better. It is taught just like riding a bike or choosing between liking a cat or a dog better. It is a choice you need to make that has been taught from childhood. Just like all your life you grew up drinking cola because that is what you had growing up but now you are a adult you find out you like pepsi, see it is a choice. You are taught as a child what to like and not like. Now that you are a adult it is your choice to be or not to be. Racism started way back when, and it has followed through into our futures. It is a bad way to teach a child. People were taught from their parents and from their parents and so on and so on…..Being taught triggers the brain to think a certain way so when your taught to hate you will hate certain things. Children grow up very impresionable and are taught very easy of how to treat others and what to say and how to react to others. A child sees another ethnic person and makes a snide remark it is because they were taught to do that way. Some are taught they are better than others, prettier than others or smarter than others. Everyone was taught one way or another how to look, think and act towards other people. Everyone is taught how to react, now that they are grown up adults the can make a choice and change what they have been taught. Everyone can change what they have been taught.