Interracial Couples on Screen

What’s wrong with our world today? After years of bigotry, prejudice and cruelty against one human towards another, its about time we can enjoy interracial and multicultural acting and actors on the big screen. i think the big screen is nothing but an opportunity to see how real people live and interact with each other.The movie with Sidney Pointer ( who starred in ) called ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’, was to me, way before its time (circa 1960’s).I was a little girl then, and I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I guess not being raised prejudiced played a part- but i was still curious of the darkness of the man. Maybe my curiosity is the reason I’m married to a black man now, who knows? One thing i can say is i enjoy seeing mixed couples and children on t.v because its just more realistic to me. And i believe it reflects the world we live in now.

I salute Hollywood and the direction the movies and t.v shows are going in has far as being realistic, involving more than one race. Be it a love scene, or teens dating. Having friends made up of more than one race. I believe it shows people that they may not be the only ones who’s in a relationship, or friendship that crosses race lines, and that people and their feeling are really all the same when it comes to friendship and love. All humans are no different, just skin color.I can watch all the documentaries in the world but few depict the real world has it was in a given time. People of race have only been popularized due to movies and t.v, and the directors who have studied history or have personal experience have brought this to attention and have held true to making believable films and t.v.

To see interracial couples on screen to some ‘old timers’ is ‘taboo’, and I’m happy that I’m not of that generation. They basically have kept a lot of social prejudices alive, and even though there is still a lot, at least children can see the friendships and different love relationships that do exist in the real world. Hollywood is just starting to write and film it more and more, and i believe its done nothing but advance peoples awareness of such relationships. Children are now tuned in to the technology to where they can see how others live and work in different countries and really our own states. The color gap just keeps getting smaller and smaller with these advantages, and movies and t.v shows have played a part in getting information out and the world is a better place for it. If you see it-most likely you can believe it- and when kids see unbiased friends and love it shows them a better world.

In saying that, my dream would extend further to where there were no boundaries has far as the color of any human being and acting on the big screen. It would include true friendship, romance, marriage and children. We have only touched the surface with integrating people of color into more realistic situations and comedies. Not to mention big movies where there is a multitude of different races, in different situations- other than “guess who’s coming to dinner’. Our children should have the attitude to dig deep in one another’s personality, and just not see skin color, but judge people for their character, and their heart.