Rasicm Parents Teachings – Learned

When a child is born, it’s mind is fresh, new and pure. This should of course be the most prominent evidence that such an evil act as racism is learned. Children are like sponges, they pick up everything that they see and hear around them, they are unaware of the understanding of each little detail that they are soaking in, but are ready to speak out of what they have learnt almost immediately.
It is the influence of the environment that a child is raised which determines the personality of a person when they are old enough to be in charge of themselves. Two twin brothers could be raised at opposite ends of the earth, having the same beginning, but becoming two completely different people because of their social backgrounds.
Raising an issue such as colour in front of a child, is the most dangerous route to take when raising a child; this is because they will immediately feel the superiority or inferiority of their own certain colour.
I am aware of a family where, siblings have been at each others throats because of the colour of their skin; where a mother quite foolishly discriminated one child against the other. She wouldn’t take one child to a get together that involved certain potentially important people and didn’t want to give a negative impression to the materialistic group. This eventually evolved into one daughter being a over confident snob, who looked down her nose at those a little more darker than her; and the other being an aggressive, over sensitive and violent young woman who wouldn’t ever hold back on this subject if ever aroused; not to mention the rivalry between the two.
There was no intention to teach the daughters of this, but the mother allowed that path of learning to be taken, resulting in both of her daughters being negative and extreme on both sides of the racism scale.
I personally believe that the most decent of people could have children who learn of this discrimination as well as those people who are outspoken about their views. A lot of the influence comes from peers, and media, where parents may be totally uninvolved with this certain child’s racism. But this is an unfortunate case; and I believe that parents should take drastic action to insure that their child’s influence is not that of what their own beliefs are against.
It all boils down to how adamant a parent is in making sure that their child is protected from the evil in this world, and how much exhausting energy they use to keep in control their influences and their unorthodox characteristics.