What is a Woman

Presently a woman’s role has opened up to new dimensions in modern civilization. Women can be career women, students, scientists and politicians. Women may also maintain to be mothers, daughters and friends.

It is not just the educational aspects that make a woman succeed. Women are strong and resilient in both their body and soul, without many realizing the strength they hold. Is this a feature of my gender exclusively or something that is gained through experience and surroundings?

Being a woman is a journey of self-discovery and my personal conclusion is simply a combination of many aspects. Your thoughts are not yours by accident as they are acquired. I consider the attributes that make me who I am and none of them seem to be gender specific. Humor, intelligence, compassion, strength of character, morals, and ethics, being trustworthy or competitive can be characteristic from either sex.

Reflecting on those who may have influenced me to become the uniqueness of which I am, I realize most of them have been other women, either real or fictional.

We are all where we are because of choices we have made and of the influences that surrounds us. Think about your own choices and those who may have been a major influence in you.

Perhaps someone like Gloria Estefan, who as a contemporary woman, balances a full time singing career, part time music producer, mother of two children and involved in numerous charity works. She can serve to be inspirational for many to strive and succeed.

Perchance, it is a woman from the past, such as Josephine Baker, an African-American entertainer, who left the surroundings of prejudice in the 1930s. She went on to become the biggest sensation in Europe not only for entertainment but as a participating member of the French resistance movement during the World War II. She proved success against many odds against her by achieving the highest honor bestowed a woman when she was awarded the Croix de Guerre and a Medal of The Resistance in 1946. Leaving the familiarity of her environment, she took a chance and was able to excel.

Another woman, Mother Teresa, begin her life as an independent nun living on the streets of Calcutta sacrificing and helping many others. Her selflessness still inspires many of us by her dedication. So much so that she may one day in the future, be designated as a saint of the 20th century.

The heroines from books, movies, art and song open up to us saying, she is just like me or I can do that too; by placing a mindset, you can.

We can pick and choose thousands of others that can add to your inner self, beginning with your own family. They are the initial influencers. Learn from those around you. It is all about choice and the door of potential is waiting for you to open.
Achievements need not be in lights, on stage or indicated by money. It can be the way we make our workplace, communities and homes better and brighter thinking positively and striving for modifications.

Present a smile on those you meet and lend a hand to those who may be in need of assistance. As we make even the smallest of changes, we can improve our personal circumstances. Even enthusiastically sharing ideas with others generates positive energy that then serves as motivation to strive for inner success.

Life is made up of little things that add up and makes us the women we become. Remember yours, whether a smile from your kindergarten teacher on your first day of school, flowers blooming after a rainfall or taking something ordinary and transforming it into something magnificent. And that’s what life is, isn’t it, magnificent?