Take Responsibility for your own Actions

People of all ages often play some pretty cruel games on each other these days. Universally, they’re known as “high school games” but it neither begins nor ends there. Cheating has become a game, lying has become a game, then there is the infamous hard-to-get game, and let’s not forget the most popular of them all…the blame game. People have a false sense of entitlement. “I’m entitled to do this, without any ramifications or repercussions.” Where on Earth does that all come from?

The blame game is first experienced during childhood, therefore making it the parents’ responsibility to teach their children to live a life of honesty and integrity and to take responsibility for their own actions. Knowing right from wrong is learned. We all know of quite a few children personally, who will say “Well, Sarah took my toy!” or “Johnny hit me first!”, to justify their actions. However, do the ends justify the means? Of course not and most kids are taught that. Their parents will teach their kids to own up to what they did, and apologize for it. Unfortunately, those lessons don’t always get carried into their adolescent years and adulthood. The cycle sometimes just continues.  

One of the most popular targets that people will use to pin their actions or words on, so that they don’t need to take the blame on themselves, is Hollywood celebrities. It has become all too easy for someone to say, “Well, so-and-so did it, why can’t I?” In cases like these, we all need to remember the saying “If so-and-so jumped off of a bridge, would you?” After all, if someone in Hollywood did it, it must be okay, right? Wrong. As of late, celebrities are becoming more of an example of what you should not do, rather than being a good example of what you should aspire to be and do. Yet there seems to be no decrease in the number of fans that idolize these celebrities, despite their sometimes crazy antics.  

People used to live a life of integrity. It was never about what the “in” thing to do was at any given time. People did their own thing and also owned up to it. Now, too many people are content to thrust the blame on someone else, so that they come out smelling like roses. We all must remember the saying “what goes around, comes around.” What you give off, will come back to you. If you live an honest life, you will be rewarded for it in time. If you live a life where you refuse to take ownership for any of your actions, the blame will just smack you in the face twice as hard down the road. You decide your own destiny.