Personal Responsibility Blame it on someone else its not my Fault

Personal responsibility, is it a thing of the past? I believe it to be so! People seem to love to play what I call the “Blame Game.” If we can find someone else to blame, then we can avoid having to take the heat. Taking personal responsibility seems to be a thing of the past. If we make a mistake, we should fess up to it, apologize and do what we can do to rectify what we have done. We all make mistakes and it is how we handle them is what counts. Of course, there are some mistakes, which cannot be fixed no matter how hard we try.

Sometimes we hear students blame their school or teacher for the poor grades they have received. Then they go home to their parents, and they enable them by agreeing that it could not possibly be their fault. What happened to “If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again”? Where is the personal responsibility? We are supposed to support and encourage our children. It is our job to help them to do better and to learn from their mistakes. We are not supposed to help them make excuses for their failures.

We all need to learn from the mistakes we make, and we can benefit from them if we try to turn them into something positive. If people spent half the time trying harder, they would not have to blame anyone for anything. Blame is a negative action or emotion which has no benefits or purpose. It puts us in a position to blame something else for our failure. We all need to take responsibility for the choices we make and our mistakes. When we aren’t good enough at something, we need to work harder instead of whining and blaming everyone else for our failures. It is also important to face the reality that we cannot always win or succeed at everything we try. Remember that failures come in two classes; there are the people who tried, did their best and failed, and others who failed by not trying at all. Wouldn’t we rather fail after we have tried our best then to give up without even trying? Not trying is not an option! We may not always win: we certainly have to learn to love playing the game.

A friend asked me if I had some work that she could do for me. She was forty years old, well educated, and I told her she could call on some accounts for me. I gave her what she needed and sent her on her way. Two weeks later I asked her how she was doing. She told me she could not do this because she might fail. She blamed her parents, her schools and her heritage for her failure. She blamed everyone except the person who was at fault; herself. Some things are hard to do the first time. We can choose to fail and blame it on someone else or take a deep breath and just jump in. Yes, we may fail! We also have the possibility of success! We will never know, unless we try! Above all, we need to take responsibility for our own actions and quit blaming everyone else for our failures. Failure is what makes our successes so sweet.

We all make mistakes and do some things that we should have never done. We are, in fact, human and mistakes are a part of life. We have to forgive ourselves, and hope others will learn to forgive us too. We need to take responsibility for all the things we do. Good intentions do not necessarily make things right. We all need to brake free and become our own person. As long as we continue to blame others for our mistakes and failures; we will never be able to succeed. The worst part of this is that we tend to pass the “Blame Game” on to our friends and family. We should never waste our time blaming others for what we have done. Take time to take a moment and think! What can we learn from our mistake? Do we really want to pass this “Blame Game” onto our children? I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to instill enthusiasm and confidence in those I care about. We do not need to create a society of wimps who lack the ability to succeed. They are so busy “Blaming” others for their own failure that they will never find time to succeed. If we spend our time blaming everyone else for things, we have done, we will never get anything done. We need to be free if we wish to find true happiness! We can be the person we would like to be if we stop blaming others and take personal responsibility for our actions!