Naming a Baby Boy Gavin

The gender of Gavin is definitely a masculine one. Pronounced GA-vin, meaning “little hawk” in Irish and Welsh, and “white hawk” in Scottish, the stories surrounding him first recorded Gavin as Gauvain in France, survived as Gavin In Scotland, and later spread to English speaking countries in the 1960’s as Gavin.

Impressions of the name Gavin rates it as a masculine name whose strengths are being strong, natural, upper class and refined, all things you would want for a knight in shining armor.

Origins and History

Many myths and legends revolve around Gawain “The Perfect Knight” who is frequently featured in tales of King Arthur. His origins are also conflicting but one Welsh legend claims he is the nephew of King Arthur. Definitely, his life story involves many loves and several marriages so he is seen as a womanizer or ladies’ man. Sometimes, Gawain is even referred to as the Irish sun god (Lugh) because the original name Gwalchmer was a sun god as well. The French version of these medieval romances translates the name Gavin into Gauvin. So Gavin had his beginnings in the early 1100’s with mythology.

Even though the name Gavin did not reach our shores until the 1960’s, it quickly ascended to number 38 within a time frame of forty years. Even though Gavin originated from Scotland and Ireland, it was not a popular name for boys after medieval times.

Gavin Namesakes

* Gavin Degraw ( Feb. 4, 1977) – musician
* Gavin Fingleson ( Aug. 5, 1976) – 2004 Olympic baseball player from Australia
* Gavin Floyd ( Jan. 27, 1983) – baseball player
* Gavin Griffin ( Aug. 28, 1981) – celebrity poker player
* Gavin Hoffman ( Dec. 13, 1978) – football player
* Gavin McCann ( Jan. 10, 1978) – pro soccer player from England
* Gavin Morgan ( July 9, 1976) – pro hockey player
* Gavin Rossdale ( Oct. 30, 1965) – musician

Many cigars must have been handed out in the 1970’s and 80’s for Gavin namesakes. It’s popularity shows in this roster of talent.

Gavin Facts and Fun Information

* The tale of Gavin continues where Gavin Dunbar ( 1490-1547) became the Archbishop of Glasgow.

* There is a forty page book called “Gavin Douglas’ Latin Vocabulary”.

* Gavin’s Digital Diner is a blog which focuses on the discussion of food, recently on the category of French Fries.

* Gavin Hooper graces the stage as a professional comedy hypnotist and corporate entertainer. The name Gavin seems to travel around from poker in casinos to hypnotist on stage.

* There is an elementary school named Patrick F. Gavin Middle School in Boston, Massachusetts.

* In the Next Iron Chef, Gavin Kaysen (age 28) got eliminated in the 3rd week. He hails from Bloomington, Minn.

* Dr. Gavin Meerdink has done extensive agricultural research in Facts about E. Coli 0157 in Cattle ( 11/16/99). He has devised new skin tests to detect this infection in cows.

* Fictional characters include Gavin Darklighter, friend of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Gavin “spinner” Masser is a character in the Canadian TV series Degrassi. There was a character named Gavin Elster in Alfred Hitchcock’s famous classic movie “Vertigo”.

* Most notable of all is the recent controversy put forth by a former Royal Navy officer, Gavin Menzies who in 2002 rocked the British elite  by claiming that China had discovered America.
In his book 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, he puts forth his claim.

From whatever the source legends may be made from, the name Gavin is sure to rock the world.