Naming a Baby Boy Benjamin

Chances are, if you went to a playground in Chile, and called out “Benjamin!” ten little boys would answer to that name. Benjamin is numero uno in Chile and since the 1970’s grew to such popularity in the States it has held its place for thirty-five years. High rankings as well in England, Wales, Canada, and Australia. The name Benjamin is of moderate popularity in Scotland, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary.

Gender –  Masculine


BEN-ja-min ( English)
ben-zha-MEN ( French)
BEN-yah-meen ( German)


The name Benjamin comes from Hebrew meaning ” the son of the south” or the “son of the right hand”. In the old testament, Benjamin is the 12th and youngest son of Jacob. Because he was so favored by Jacob, he was known as the chosen one or favorite son. Benjamin came to found the oldest tribe of the Hebrews in the south. In Arabic “ibn amin” also means the son of or the favored son of the father. No wonder we call our $100 bills the “Benjamin”.

Origins and History

With a long lineage dating back to Biblical times, it is no wonder Benjamin is a revered names. Four characters by the name of Benjamin have been found in the Bible. We have one saint under the name of Benjamin. One president of the United States, Benjamin Harrison (1889-1903). Most notable is venerable and illustrious Ben Franklin; American statesman, inventor, scientist, and professor, whose picture is portrayed on $100 bills.

General impressions of the name Benjamin rank him as being totally masculine, wholesome, classic, strong, natural and refined. If you want stability, name your child Benjamin.

There are several Name Days as well for Benjamin:

Hungary – January 3
Slovak – March 31
Finnish – December 20
French – March 31
Swedish – December 28

Benjamin Variants

* Ben – English
* Beniamin – Romanian
* Beniamino – Italian
* Benj – English
* Benjamim – Portuguese
* Benjamine – French
* Benji, Benjy – English
* Benny – English
* Bennie – English
* Binyamin – Jewish
* Peni – Hawaiian
* Veniamin – Russian
* Venyamin – Russian

Celebrity Namesakes

J. Benjamin Williams was a famous rose breeder ( Feb. 26, 1781-1851)
Ben Shephard ( Dec. 11, 1974) celebrity boxer
Ben Johnson ( Dec. 30, 1961) Olympic sprinter who created a scandal with alleged use of performance enhancing drugs
Benjamin Christie ( July 15, 1982) Australian musicianBen Affleck – Aug. 15, 1972

Ben Stiller – Nov. 30, 1965
Ben Kingsley – Dec. 31, 1943
Benjamin Bratt – Dec. 16, 1963
All are American actors and entertainers. December seems to be a popular time to have babies call Benjamin.

Ben Agosto ( Jan. 15, 1982) is a champion figure skater and Ben Silverman ( Aug. 15, 1970) has been named the Co-chairman of NBC Entertainment.

Places Named Benjamin

Benjamin Franklin was such a beloved father of our country, numerous places hold the name of Franklin. There are many Franklin Counties from north down to the southern states. There is a Franklin in California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Eastern Tennessee used to be called Franklin.
Franklin Mountains in El Paso, Texas
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences – University of Georgia
Benjamin Franklin High School – New Orleans, Louisiana
Twelve elementary and middle schools named Benjamin Franklin , mostly along the Eastern Coast

Franklin Mills is a shopping center in Philadelphia.
Franklin Crater on the moon is named for Ben Franklin.
The Benjamin Franklin Bridge connects Camden, New Jersey to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
There is the Benjamin Franklin Parkway also in Philadelphia
The University of Pennsylvania named its football stadium the Franklin Field.

Benjamin Facts and Fun Information:
Obviously, our $100 dollar bills are called Benjamins.
Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs loves to sing his song called ” It’s All About the Benjamins”.
I think there was a movie made in the last few years or so called the same name ” All About the Benjamins”.
In Denmark, the youngest person is called a Benjamin.

Various fictional characters are named Benjamin. Star Trek DS9’s Captain Benjamin Sisko.
Ben Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce, main character in the long-running TV series (1972-1983) which had quite a following.
Dustin Hoffman’s name in the “Graduate” was Benjamin.
Ben was one of the Walton boys in the TV series, the Waltons, popular in the 1970’s.

Certainly we cannot forget the “Big Ben”, largest clock in the world, London, England.
There is also a band called ” Breaking Benjamin”.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Parlor named a new flavor of ice cream for Stephen Colbert.
A restaurant called Ben’s Chili Bowl was inducted into the D.C. Hall of Fame, had an alley
adjacent too the restaurant named “Ben Ali Way”. How imaginative!

Last but not least, there is an escort by the name of Benjamin Nicholas, female or male is your guess. Speaking of escorts, our favorite boys were involved in an escort scandal lately by being named as clients in a call-girl service by a former madam. ( Was that Heidi Fleiss?)