Is Modern Human Behavior a Result of Human Nature or the Environment – Environment

Modern Human behavior is primarily the result of culture. Why do people do any of the things they do. You don’t see animals spending large amounts of time in “animal colleges” taking “animal classes” so that they can get the best “animal jobs”. Animals don’t spend their time trying to find the trendiest way to comb their fur, or talking about what other animals are wearing. Animals don’t spend time “one upping” other animals, they simply live to fulfill their needs. Yes, animals are competitive, but their drives are focused on basic needs. The “needs” we humans focus on are the result of years of commercialization and culture that have given us rather strange ideas about what truly is important.

Most actions undertaken by animals are for the purpose of fulfilling a very basic need. Food, water, shelter, hygiene. In modern society these things have become abundant for most. We are no longer fixated on getting simple things that our body tells us we need. We spend our time trying to get things that our environment, and by extension our culture tells us we need.

Animals spend a lot of their time gathering food. We in America at least, spend much more time trying not to eat the food we’ve gathered. Most animals don’t have sex as a form of entertainment; adolescents males in America, on the other hand, seem to be preoccupied with sexual acts. We have been cultured to have different ideas about things then what is natural. If a female is making a male aroused what should he do, try to initiate a sexual act? No, he should not, and if he attempts to do such a thing he is likely to become something called a “registered sex offender”.

Have you ever been angry at your boss because of something he has said to you? Do you think that you know better, and that you could take him in a fight) The natural thing to do would be to fight him to prove your dominance. If you really think that you are superior to him this is the natural thing to do. Our culture on the other hand, tells us that this is inappropriate behavior.

We have evolved through culture, which is part of our environment. We have evolved to live by rules that are completely unnatural. Only through years of culture and education can we realize just how much we actually benefit from these rules, and how much better society is as a result. We should be proud of how we have evolved, and not saddened by it. Although many yearn for simpler times, I do not. I understand just how much better off I am because of the way society has advanced. If you don’t agree, look at everything you have, and then watch the Discovery Channel and learn about how animals live in the wild. There is a very big difference.