How much of Humanitys Behavior is Human Nature

Humans has evolved over many years to learn how to survive and control our behavior to suit the lifestyles we live today. We are all in control of the way we behave in all of humanity. We make up humanity and we learn and grow everyday to better ourselves and the world we live in. Cavemen had to learn survival tactics to make a life for themselves. We are no different even here in the modern world. Humanity is being threatened in some way every minute and every single day we wake up. We all still look to survive the best way we can in an unpredictable state of existence.

All humans by nature has a survival defense mechanism that kicks in when we are in danger or being threatened. We are all suppose to, by our human nature, love all of humanity and try to protect one another when threatened. When our country is threatened or attacked by outsiders in the world, all humans by nature wants to do their part to fight back to maintain our safety and the safety of all humanity by means of a peaceful existence for all involved. The only draw back to this is our true nature will protect our loved ones by any means, even death, to keep them out of harms way. 

All of humanity, in it’s entirety, have very different cultural backgrounds, but usually by human nature, we all have the same common interests in the safety of our families, providing for our families, and loving in a compassionate way. Basically, our needs are quite similar throughout all the world. Our human nature pushes us all to protect what we love the most in this world. World famine, poverty stricken societies, and disaster victims are people that are in true need of help in the world. Our human nature compels us to want to help and provide provisions and materials for their survival.

Every individual on the Earth, by human nature, would probably agree that peace would be a key element to a more pleasant existence for all of humanity. Past history has set the stage though for all of humanities behavior for our present day troubles with war and peace. We all by human nature and by what we have learned from past historical happenings, view our all our present day trials and tribulations from that aspect. We really have no choice but to deal with what our human nature has brought to humanity. We are all still a work in progress when it comes to our human nature.