Etiquette at Conventions What’s Customary

Whether you’re attending a business convention or a special interest convention, some basic etiquette will help make the experience more enjoyable for you and the other guests. As a convention attendee of both business and special interest conventions as well as having worked at a convention hotel, I have seen first hand how the following etiquette rules can benefit everyone as well as being super easy to follow ensuring a great time for all.

First, leave the bad attitude at home. No matter how well established the convention is, delays happen. The bigger the convention is the bigger the lines, and remember that venues often host more than one event, so yes, you may have to wait. If waiting makes you irritable, remember that conventions are all about making new friends and contacts, so use this time to make line buddies. You never know who you will meet or what usefull information you may find out by being open to talk to the people around you. Conventions can also be spread out all over the hotel, so know in advance that you may have to walk. Again leave a bad attitude at home and make the best of it.

Second, please remember your manners. Please, thank you, and excuse me should be used regularly, not just for other con goers, but for the ones putting on the event and the venue staff. A lot of work goes on to bring the convention to life, and these professionals deserve some respect.

Third, abide by all con and venue rules which are often listed in the convention’s program. These rules are for your protection as well as following city ordinences. Smoking only in designated areas, no running or rough housing at the venue, and not blocking emergency exits are a few examples of rules to follow. Remember if you get tired and no chairs are available, you may choose to sit on the floor, but keep out of walk ways and keep your feet in. You don’t want to get hurt or hurt someone else. Keep your con badges on and in sight; this will help identify where you need to be. Multiple events often go on at the same time, so your badge will also keep you from wandering into the wrong convention.

Hygiene is another big thing to remember. No matter what kind of con you’re attending, be nice to those around you. Bathe, smell nice, and wear proper attire. You not only represent yourself (maybe your company) but also the con itself. You would be suprised at how much better you feel when you’re clean and how much more positive attention you will get.

Cell phones can be a necessary evil at cons. Often times you can get seperated from your party or need to call if you get lost or are running late. Use good manners and put the phone on vibrate. Do not talk on it during panel discussions or rooms, especially when something is going on in there. Do not text in front of a speaker because that is just rude.

Check before taking pictures. Sometimes the con will not allow pictures in a certain area. This can be due to copywrite issues, selling pictures or maybe you’re getting a sneak peek at a new product and the sponser does want any leaks. Always ask before taking a person’s picture, as you don’t want to be mistaken for a perverted stalker.

Remember to watch your language and the subject matter of conversations. Most conventions are PG, and even if children are not present, not all adults appreciate foul language or hearing racy conversation.

Conventions will always have some kind of social event whether a welcoming, dance, or party. Please remember to party responsibly. What happens at a con does not always stay at a con. Conventions often post pictures and stories on their web sites, and business associates will find out about excessive partying. So have fun, but do not go overboard.

The next time you go to a convention, just remember these simple etiquette tips. They will make your convention experience very fun and rewarding.