Christmas Drinking Drunk Drunk at Christmas

First, start shopping, well, right after Christmas for the upcoming Christmas season.  Then, right after Thanksgiving, start getting your Christmas cards together.  Where did I put my address book?  Well, I will finish those later.  Ok, now start baking cookies – make enough for a small army.  Then, get gifts ready for everyone you have ever come in contact with.  Oh, by the way, all of your relatives from out of town are going to be staying with you.  Whew!  Is it any wonder why many people choose to imbibe during the holidays?  Christmas is very warm, fun and a great time to spend with family and friends.  But it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year.  Not only do you have to do endless amounts of thankless work to get your home looking festive, buying gifts for everyone, baking, cleaning and trudging out in the snow to see relatives, but it is also a depressing time of year because it is cold and miserable outside.

Having to spend countless days with family can be reason enough to pick up the bottle.  There is a reason that most of us do not live with our immediate family members if we can help it.  We love them, but enough is enough when having to spend time with them.  Especially if you have to travel by car or plane, it can be very stressful due to traffic, weather delays, and just having to pack up the kids away from their Christmas at home to see Aunts and Uncles across the country.

If you are all alone, that can be an even bigger reason to drink on the holidays.  It is a depressing time of year for the lonely especiall those without any family or friends to spend time with.  Endless commercials and holiday movies playing at all times through the season can make one reflect as to what they have to live for.

The last reason to drink and possibly the most dangerous one of all is the company party.  It is an excuse to get messed up with co-workers, who are like second family.  Especially if the boss is not there – you can al stand around, drink and commiserate about crappy work conditions.  But, a word of warning, do not, I repeat, do notbe the "one" at the Christmas party.  You know, the one who had a bit too much and everyone at the office has been talking about it clear into Valentine’s Day.  Keep the drinking at the office party to a minimum or you will not want to go back to work the next day.

There is so much hype associated with Christmas and it is almost always a let down and never the way you expected it to turn out.  Just keep in mind that it is a hassle but it should be a time to visit with friends and family and should not be a painful experience.  If you need a little sip of something to get you through, by all means, but just don’t go driving the snowy roads afterwards.  Merry Christmas.