Reasons why you should Stay Sober on Christmas

Reasons why you should  stay sober on Christmas Day.

People get drunk at Christmas for a plethora of reasons. But the main reason is because it feels so good.It makes you feel good to forget about all the stresses and pressure that comes with Christmas of being super nice to co-workers, and relatives that otherwise get on your nerves 364 days a year. Getting drunk on Christmas is a very selfish way of saying, you don’t care about the people you are with that day, or that you feel they don’t care about you.

Getting drunk on Christmas is a great way to ruin the holiday for everyone you will see on Christmas day. If you have invited all of your relatives over to your home, then why did you, if you are just going to sit down and get drunk? Unless everyone else is planning on becoming drunk also, it seems like a very self centered way to spend a holiday.

Christmas is about giving of yourself to others, and making a holiday a happy one for your friends, relatives, loved ones, family members, and for your co-workers. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, not about your birthday. You can go out or stay home and get drunk on your birthday. Sure, you can enjoy several drinks, but set a limit for yourself. Only drink one or two glasses of wine.Enjoy the day, and your family. Love your kids. Enjoy the moment, because this moment will only last for so long.

For all the months of hard work that lead up to one day, enjoy the day, and take pictures and smile a lot. Getting drunk on Christmas is not an awesome way to spend the holiday. You may be upsetting your spouse, the kids, your in-laws. Hug everyone at least twice, tell them you love them. Get drunk another time.

Getting drunk on Christmas can literally ruin the holiday for everyone and for you as well. Visualize waking up the day after Christmas not knowing you yelled at your Mother. Try to remember grabbing your brother-in-law and shimmying with him while using him as a stripper’s pole. Okay, great! This should annoy your relatives and keep them from coming over for a year or two. Maybe the only person who enjoyed the day was you and your brother-in-law.  okay, so you felt  pressured, and stressed out by the holiday. That doesn’t mean you have to take it our on yourself, your family and your loved ones.

Get drunk another time. Save it for a holiday that isn’t meant for families such as New Year’s Eve, or your birthday. Create your own holiday and get drunk at that time. Seek out therapy to get help for your drinking problem. You can have a wonderful holiday with your family, even if your are stressed out,and feel left out or unloved during Christmas.