Altruism can be Practiced through Humility Thoughtfulness Kindness

This essay will explore altruism in the workplace as practiced by a Chief Executive Officer. Caren Franzini is CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. Based in the state capital ofTrenton, Franzini has held the job since 1994.

‘Franzini is a model for altruism. When she graduated from the Wharton School of Business, she applied for a posiong with a huge investment bank in New York. During the final interview of the day, the interviewer asked, ” Why do you want to work here”?

Among her replies: she wanted to help people, she wanted to have fun. In total, the interviewer asked her this question five times in order to get the answer he was looking for.

At the end of the fifth attempt, Franzini rightfully concluded that answers were incorrect. When she asked the interviewer for the right answer he said, ” To make a lot of money”,

Perhaps, this was the pivotla point where Franzini realized you must be in the right culture to be altruistic. Franzini’s job now is make a New Jersey an even better place to do business and creating more jobs in the process. The function of job creation appears highly competitive which can lead to unethical practices.

But Franzini has not thrived on meanness or unfair practices. Much ot the chagrin of the dog-eat-dog world of the rugged individualist, she refused to steal jobs from New York or Philadelphia. She believes that job creation is a unified effort. How refreshing!

In our jobs, is it possible to be altruistic? As altruism is not restricted to job title or power, it is within our control to practice. Examples of altruism include but are not limited to sincerity, humility, service, absence of agenda, thoughtfulness etc

Let’s address teo of these qualiites:

* Thoughtfulness. Thoughtful people are noticed because it is rare to witness much the same way a hand written is rare and the latter is a way in which to practice altruism. Suggestion: Write in your daily planner to be thoughtful. This requires mindfulness in creating the opportunity to plan spontaneity and make someones day not in the mode of Clint Eastwood.

* Humility. Best selling author Robert Schuller said, ” Humility is not thinking less of yourself. it is thinking more of others”. Humility is frequently the action of inaction. Example: Not tooting your horn to those who are hurting.

Within the word day, these two qualities can be practiced. Will you consider using them?