My Opinion on the Racism in this Country – Yes

Racism is a subject far too many shy away from due to its controversy and in my opinion, I don’t think it is discussed nearly enough. What is racism really? We all know it began centuries ago and in our own minds, we have convinced ourselves that is come a long way since. Although in reality, that simply isn’t the truth. Do you really have to be one certain color for the racism card to be played? Far too many say yes, but I couldn’t disagree more.

Caucasians shouldn’t have the right to play the race card, which is the opinion of a high majority of people, but “people” is the key word here. Every single human being should feel as if they are equal no matter their ethnicity, where they are from or how they speak. Men and women from the South are being judged solely on the way they speak, being mistaken for ignorant because of that fact alone, to me, that is a form of racism.

It is wrong to feel in-superior because of where you are from or how you speak regardless of what the color of your skin is. I have watched as very dear friends of mine try and cover up their country accent out of fear. They are too afraid to let their true self shine, simply because of the way they are treated. Most of them are in very successful fields, but that really doesn’t matter, not only to them, but to the world as well. Despite their profession, the world makes their own assumptions and forms their own opinions from the time they open their mouths and it just isn’t right.

The world’s perception of Southern people needs improvement. We are not to blame, this generation that is. The world around us is constantly changing and to a lot of people, that is just unacceptable, but acceptance is the key to improvement in-deed. Accepting every individual for who they truly are is the only way this world will ever break free from racism. Racism doesn’t just apply to those of color. It applies to absolutely every individual around the globe. It shouldn’t be acceptable to treat one person differently than another based on one single thing period. Every person should be proud of who they are, the color of their skin and the sound of their own voice. Once this world is able to do that and stop creating its own reality of who certain people should be, that’s when we can truly say we’ve come a long way.