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Is affirmative action racist? Yes, every rare once in a while it probably is. Over all, it is more of a balancing of a traditionally very uneven playing field, or rather, working field, since affirmative action occurs pertaining to who is most qualified for a job.

That said, most affirmative action programs today are geared to find suitable and qualified people from a list of several candidates. If one happens to be black, so be it.

When Barack Obama was elected president, for example, headlines such as “Black man gets worse job in the world,” were a good joke. This is because the presidency, as our first African American president inherited it, was, and still is, a messy, messy clean up job.

The joke refers to the shocking statistic, that women and minorities, far more often than not fill the messy toilet scrubbing, and rubbish hauling type jobs that are out there with much more frequency than others. And, conversely, most board room executives are still older, white males.

What other rampant racism is there? In housing, people are overwhelmingly likely to choose someone of their own “race” for any vacancies in housing.  Since most buildings are still overwhelmingly owned by white males, just like those board room positions, there will be racism against minorities in housing until this trend is phased out.

What about in professional athletics? This is a touchy subject. Many more men are still enjoying those top earning placements over women, and it can be argued that very often African Americans, (although some prefer the term Black which covers all nations, not just America), are the best qualified due to their genetic gifts, than some whites.

Since the most talented is chosen over the most non talented, this can scarcely be based on racism per se. However, there is always the chance that the old prejudice that  “white men can’t jump” will be held mentally, rather than demonstrably.

There is an area where I think true racism does exist against white people. It is the area of child adoption. There are more black children who are orphaned in the world than there are white children. And when it comes to white children with blue or green eyes, and blonde or red hair, which is the traditional (and very racist ideal) of a “beautiful” child, these kids do come at a very high premium price. Geographically, or a quick internet search, will show you that children of Nordic descent are nearly non-buyable world wide. Let’s face it folks, there are just far more people of color on earth, than there are cancer prone, vitamin D deprived, vampire pale types.

This is racist alright, but it is based on the preference for blonde and blue-eyed babies, an inherently human tendency that blue-eyed blondes are going to naturally have for similar looking babies. It is also racist because it reflects the sad reality that most impoverished nations naturally have more orphans.

The world is changing day to day into a color blind society, not because we are older, or wiser than our tribally influenced predecessors. It is because genetically, we are becoming more genetically diverse, which is inevitable given air travel and modern life.

We are becoming, over time, a human race, and the superficial differences will be trumped by our common origins.