Femnism Family Values – No

Is improvement a bad thing to aspire, to obtain, to desire? I think not. Further more, I think becoming a better person operates miracles in personal, family, and community life.

Feminism has a long journey from its historical fight against a world made for men by men, to the XXI century where women are attacked under a hypothesis out of proportion, it’s scary: Feminism, assisted the breakdown of family values. If a woman wants to be educated about the history of her gender, if a woman wants to develop talents as a man can do, (and has been doing so for at least 3000 years,) if a woman decides that being a mother is a part of her life, but not all of it since motherhood offers the opportunity to exercise skills inside the home, and work life offers the opportunity to expand that motherhood by giving perspective, tools and freedom. Is all this contrary to family values? Has the education of woman destroyed family? No.

Do you know what really has destroyed families? Depressed women, women feeling less than a man, women unable to work their way through life, single mothers with no skills to support their children because they were thinking it’s a man’s duty. We live in a world of single mothers, sadly, men seem to have gone away. New families are formed in our days, we are no longer living in “dad, mom, kids” era, we live in “mom, kids”, “dad, kids” era. Most women in Latin America will face motherhood alone, Why not to apply feminism to help them to create strong families? A woman can teach values as well as a married couple can.

Family values: whether you are religious, atheist, communist, etc. values don’t change. I’ll use the core values I know, love, kindness, compassion, be humble, be grateful, be true to your beliefs. I was raised by a feminist. Did she teach me wrong? Is my family a train-wrecked one? No, I have the gift to be guided by a feminist who applied feminism in our home and it worked!

So before attacking women’s progression as a breakdown of family values, turn your heads and see what’s happening with single mothers, with men acting with zero responsibility towards their families. The only way to get families saved is supporting women progressing.

Yes to feminism is yes to family values! And God help us