Survivng a Zombie Attack

Considering the diseases, science experiments, epidemics and pandemics that are rampaging the daily news headlines, a future with flesh-eating, decomposing and bloody undead humans could be nearby. Worse, these undead folks or zombies, as they are popularly termed, could be stronger and scarier than what movies portray them to be and unlike the usual insane mass-murderer, there is a possibility that zombies will not attack individually, but in groups of immeasurable numbers.

 If you are unskilled in any lethal martial arts, self-defense sports, or even bat-waving abilities, surviving a zombie attack might be difficult for you; and who knows when they’ll attack?

Since their undead brains can no longer tell time; that would mean, no one will be able to tell at what time and on what day they will creep to town in search of fresh, living humans to munch on. Any minute from now, a zombie could be walking towards you and any minute from now, you could be zombie food.

But do not fret! Survival skills are important skills which you need and as we all know, skills can be acquired later in life through education, assimilation, and experience.

Since you will be going against a race of flesh-eating creatures with no clear intentions, you need to be armed with the right tools and the right survival tips. You also need to take on a new motto: take no prisoners. If needed, destroy ALL zombies that cross your path until you finally reach a zombie-free abode.

In a duel against another zombie, it is important to know what their weaknesses are. Zombies can’t smell, can’t think, and can’t walk properly; as far as we know, you have the advantage in this situation.

Zombies are also prone to headshots or any heavy and painful blows to the head. If you have a gun, practice good aiming and try to shoot a zombie on the temple or forehead, as much as possible. It will only take you one bullet to do this compared with 10 shots to the body that wouldn’t even slow down the attacker.

If you do not have a gun, use any strong yet swing-able object and aim for the zombie’s head or spinal column. If you successfully do this, your zombie will fall flat on the floor and you are safe… for now.

The biggest mistake which most people make is staying in cities or in crowded locations where zombies will most likely go to because of the population of living people. If you live in a city during an attack, try to get out of town as fast as you can. Carry only your valuables and good weaponry.

Since you will be spending more time running away or fighting back zombies, build your leg muscles really well so you can run and walk faster. On a usual zombie-attacked day, you will be spending more hours running away from the scene than shooting. Moral of the story: stay fit.

A zombie attack is a no-nonsense event and if you do not have the right artillery, you will most likely become their next victim. Remember, once bitten by one, your transformation into becoming one of them is swiftly set into motion. If this occurs, prepare to do the impossible—you need to take your own life or let someone else do it for you.

If you need to do shopping for daily necessities or if you need to take a leak, make sure someone is with you. The more people there are, the better. You might need to revert to the ancient way of dispensing your bowels which is using any container, soil or mud as the final destination of your excreted bowels.

Last but not the least, if there is one important thing you need to know about surviving zombie attacks, you must keep in mind that you should never act as someone else’s guardian angel. When someone gets attacked head on by a zombie, do not do anything to save him/her once he/she has been bitten.

 So there you have it: tips on how to survive a zombie attack.