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Love and Work

The hell if I know. The desire for work is the beginning of education. The decision to work is the beginning of life. Put them to work or put them in the ground. Character melts when in trouble and lack of work. Rampant appetite? Work never? Boys are never men made play – time never


While ability definitely does play a role in the effectiveness of an individual, it is really persistence that makes the difference. I’m sure there are many geniuses whose potentials were never fully realized because they were held back, often by their own actions.History has proven this point again and again. The famous Thomas Edison spent

What is Eco Furniture Environmentally Friendly Products Green Revolution Eco Friendly Furniture

In the wake of what has become known as “the Green Revolution” new products and services have begun springing up everywhere in an attempt to educate consumers about simple changes that they can make in their lives in order to reduce or improve the harmful effects human beings and human behaviors can have on the

Disabled in Society

When I was very young, I used to get knots in my stomach whenever I saw someone on crutches. In grade school, there were a couple of my peers who periodically used crutches: I never knew why. In seventh grade, someone would wheel in an eighth grader who was painfully thin: he took his study

Origin and causes of Procrastination

Procrastination; the dictionary defines it as putting off until another day, delaying an action or deed, to defer. We’ve all been there and we’ve all found ways, albeit creative ways, to procrastinate, especially if it’s something that we are not eager to accomplish or complete.I think back to my days at college and I remember

What is the Origin of the name Cynthia

I have lived with name Cynthia all my life and have been quite happy with it and proud of it it is certainly preferable to my second name which will remain secret, apart from those to whom I am forced to reveal it. From the age of zero to forty seven, whilst I lived in

Policemen Firemen Teachers are Real Heroes

Many folks seem to need heroes. The problem with making folks heroes, without them earning the title, is they are human beings and are subject to human weaknesses and imperfections and sooner or later will fall short of imputed ideals. This need for heroes is often passed down from parents to children, which can be

Understanding the Disabled Persons Plight

Being pushed around in a wheelchair recently on a Christmas shopping spree, I became to realize what it is like to live a life of a handicapped individual. Trying to negotiate myself with crutches after a knee surgery became too much of a chore for me in all the stores we were visiting, so my

Not Handicap just different

There are some people who might disagree with what I’m about to say, and there are some who may agree with it. Frankly, it’s quite alright though, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just wanted to bring this to your attention so you may take a deeper look through my eyes. The point

Real Life Superhero

Not Your Typical Superhero When most people think of superheroes, they picture someone like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the X-Men, or even Wonder Woman. These superheroes wear fantastic costumes comprised of tight spandex, capes, masks, and even fancy belts equipped with futuristic weapons and gadgets. They set out on adventures, from their secret headquarters, with the

Both Physical and Psychiatric Disabilities cause Discomfort Pain

My article is on an incident that I personally experienced that I believe dramatically illustrates US societies attitude toward physical and psychiatric disabilities. It is I confess only one experience. However I believe it is typical of most Americans, if not most people’s thoughts toward visible handicaps and those what are part of a mental

Origin of Names

Nameography, or the study of names, is a field that can provide several moments of fun to the uninitiated. The yawns you’ll stifle while pursuing this vacuous hobby will reinvigorate your sense of ennui, and can eventually lead to actual physical abnormalities in your neural paths. Despite this, there remain six of us who continue

Productiveness of Happy People – Agree

Well, I think that both types of people can be productive: the happy ones and the unhappy ones. Happy people might not be enough productive only because their wish for doing something and doing it productively decreases with a time. But from the other hand, I can not imagine un unhappy person who shows good

Spiritual Implications of Raising a Clone of your Child – No

The question; Would you raise a clone of your child?, pre-supposes the ideas that it is scientifically possible, that parents would actually permit their child to be cloned at all, and that they could afford all of the expenses of doing so. There are also several levels at which the question could legitimately be addressed.

Gift Giving Ideas Relationships Friends

What is the point of giving a gift?  How about a birthday gift specifically?  Children like to think of it as the one day of the year they get to finally pick out something special for themselves that mom/dad will be obligated to buy no matter what.  A few years down the road changes things; it’s

Happiness vs Productivity – Disagree

The problem with this claim is that it implicitly regards productivity as generally a good thing. I take issue with this idea. Productivity is only good in as far as it produces something good, that is in so far as production is working towards something that will create happiness, however that broad term is to

Why do People Work so Hard to Stay Poor

People are products of their own environment, so if they are surrounded by poor, uninspiring people, they will succumb to that. But there is another way and there have been many successful business people who have risen out of the ashes. But, then there are others who have been brought up in well adjusted middle

Completing your to do List

Even if you haven’t written a physical list, all of us have a to-do list in the back of our minds. Every day there are certain tasks that need completing, and certain methods that we use to ensure we get them done. Unfortunately, productivity can be one of the hardest things for humans to achieve.