What is the Origin of the name Cynthia

I have lived with name Cynthia all my life and have been quite happy with it and proud of it it is certainly preferable to my second name which will remain secret, apart from those to whom I am forced to reveal it. From the age of zero to forty seven, whilst I lived in England, I had only physically met two other people with the name Cynthia. We all agreed that we were very very special to hold such an uncommon name.

Then I moved to a small island in the Caribbean and have now lost count of the number of Cynthias I have met in the last thirteen years, I was quite stunned. It is quite depressing to think that I’m not so special anymore. This cannot be, so I decided to do some research on the name Cynthia, anything that might be out there to help give my self esteem a little boost.

The origin of the name Cynthia does seem to be debatable, and varies from the deplorable, through the embarrassing to the delightful. Personally I have decided that I will only be happy to adhere to any references involving the words “moon” or “goddess”.

Further exploration did turn up some interesting characters called Cynthia, which I found to be rather exhilarating, and a few are included here:

Cynthia McKinney born in 1955 and a former US Representative and even the 2008 Green Party nominee for President of the United States of America not bad for starters.

Cynthia Rothrock- one of the greatest female martial arts/action film stars in the world boasting five black belts in Tang Soo Do; Tae Kwon Do; Eagle Claw; Wu Shu and Northern Shaolin quite impressed with this one.

Cynthia Plaster Caster a recovering Groupie who delights in making plaster casts of the private parts of rock stars interesting, but possibly a little embarrassing.

Actress Cynthia Nixon nominated for five Golden Globe Awards that’s more like it.

Award winning fashion designer Cynthia Rowley owns fashion shops worldwide and enjoys surfing, water skiing and scuba diving am definitely overawed.

Dr Cynthia Breazel associate professor of media arts and sciences and founder and director of the Personal Robots Group what more can I say?

Do I feel better? Well on the one hand I feel very humbled and realise that any sentence describing my achievements would put everyone to sleep and I wish I could have achieved something really notable . On the other hand I feel quite proud to carry the same first name as these interesting ladies.