Love and Work

The hell if I know. The desire for work is the beginning of education. The decision to work is the beginning of life. Put them to work or put them in the ground. Character melts when in trouble and lack of work. Rampant appetite? Work never? Boys are never men made play – time never comes because work has never been done. Life for all its worth does not hold a candle to love. Mercy is a labor. Detached from care people live in air. They are called dreamers. Detached from worry people hurry. Detached? Then decide to work! Shirk and sweat met one day, shirk won, the world ended. Another day another time sweat wins and glory came. Rain = work, please God stop the rain. When you stop the rain I can get a career. The evaporation or education either one a decision. Work will always give you purpose but why not get out of the rain? My perspective is: too many “workers” have evaporated jobs disappeared. History repeats itself so be prepared. Now back to work, or back to life; so I can provide more work for my dreams. Idlers dream of work, retired men remember it. Work is simply the creation of desired memory. Work is the motive for history the decision and deed. Retire too early is the man who’s dreams are composed of play time idleness. Work and reap or idle and sleep on the news or accomplishment of work. Pace the desire with education. His life was not work, but his love was composed. Work is the gift we all want to have. We want more of it. People who don’t work suffer. People who don’t love don’t work. “What is a man? What has he got? If not himself then he is not” Frank Sinatra The history you desire, work is the release. Think, when you are studied they study you because of your service. And they remember your history. The imprint is measured surely due to work. Your weathered face, lined memories to last all time. Work + desire = attitude. Attitude gives you altitude. And you soar above the dead line. You fly to 60,000 or more feet meaning dollars. Star does not shine if not polished, cared about and loved. You fly when you decide. So decide to ride your dreams. And when you work, never abandon the dreams or desire for work you continue to educate and to learn. Accept it when things don’t turn out like you planed. Work to achomplish your dream. The best taste no bitter after taste. Face the descion, turn the step into a dip ( victors cup) laugh dance and love.