Why do People Work so Hard to Stay Poor

People are products of their own environment, so if they are surrounded by poor, uninspiring people, they will succumb to that. But there is another way and there have been many successful business people who have risen out of the ashes.

But, then there are others who have been brought up in well adjusted middle class suburbs where money was never a major issue as they were growing up, but as an adult with a family, they just seem to spend more time away from their family to ensure that there is food on the table every night and a roof over their heads. How did these people fall through the cracks?

They chose their destination. They told the universe in their own way that they couldn’t get out of their rut, they couldn’t get ahead in paying the bills, they were too scared to take calculated risks and they were pounced on by sales people who knew what to look for, and they fell deeper and deeper into their financial hole.

That’s the start of achievable failure. The problem is that most people don’t believe in themselves. They aren’t visionaries in their dreams and they don’t take the small disciplined steps into making their life a success.

If you want a successful life where money is not an issue, here’s where to start. There are so many, affordable ways of turning over a little more money each month. Start with de-cluttering your home and environment. Ebay all your unwanted items around the house – research what people are pricing similar items for, what postage they are charging (incorporate fees such as Pay Pal into your postage or your starting price) and be competitive, start your items a little lower than your competition. Don’t think of selling on Ebay as money coming in, it’s clearing away everything out of your life that is unnecessary. The bonus is that you are making some money out of it. After a few transactions and you feel comfortable about Ebaying, you will find that you have the makings of your own small business (who’d ever thought!).

Spend sometime researching Ebay to see how the power sellers do it or the people who have full time businesses on Ebay make a successful business. If you want to take the next step into creating a home business for yourself, find something that you want to sell, not what others are selling. Maybe start your own import business – talk to suppliers in countries like China to see what it would cost to import some products – clothes, make up, manchester, tableware, homewares, anything that maybe of value on a regular basis to the average person. Work out the costs of how much it costs per article, the cost of freight to get it to you, any other overheads it may cost you (advertising, setting up a legal business, business insurance, telephone, electricity, bank interest, internet and web creation fees) and then triple it. Would the public be willing to pay that price for your item? If so, go to a bank with your business proposal and see if they are willing to give you a loan for your first shipment? Within a week of putting your items on Ebay, you could be turning over $1000-$2000 and interest maybe coming in from different sources. But remember, it may have been 4-6 months in the planning and you haven’t made an income from that. The other thing is, if all is successful, you need to order another shipment, and that will take away from your initial profits. But remember, you must always do this as a part time job first, keeping your full time job alive, while you discover the positives and negatives of owning your own business. Once your part time income overtakes your full time income, then consider throwing in the towel to your employer. Once you’ve done that, your business will have 100% of your time, which in turn will give you 300% more chance to be successful, and you gain flexibility in your time to be there for your family.

If starting your own business is too daunting to you, work out how you value your worth? Have you been a loyal employee for so many years and not been rewarded in your pay packet accordingly? How can you improve your status within the company you work for? Show some initiative and value to your employer by showing leadership within your peers, doing things over and above your standard job, ask if you can learn to do something new within the business or where there is future room for growth. Maybe even look at where you believe the company you work for is going wrong or could improve and show a plan on how it could be achieved to your employer. If you sacrifice a weekend to create a plan that’s been brewing in your head for months and build up the courage to show it to your employer, you could find yourself climbing the corporate ladder before you know it. And if your employer doesn’t value what you have shown them, then it is time to leave that employer and find someone who values you as an employee.

The problem with most people is that they settle. They under value themselves and work for less than $20 an hour, which by the time they pay for childcare, taxes and travel to and fro work, they are really working for $6/$7 an hour. Why? Believe in yourself and open your eyes to opportunity. Don’t listen to negative family members, work colleagues or friends (they are only envious of your foresight) and never ever listen to a sales person, especially those who are selling financial services, who want to sell you something that your don’t want or that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Be proud of who you are. Surround yourself in positive things – beauty, loving family, things that make you smile. Before you know it, you’re whole demeanor will change and you’ll have a better understanding of your potential.