Productiveness of Happy People – Agree

Well, I think that both types of people can be productive: the happy ones and the unhappy ones. Happy people might not be enough productive only because their wish for doing something and doing it productively decreases with a time. But from the other hand, I can not imagine un unhappy person who shows good results and productiveness, because this person has not solved that problematic root that grows in his soul and puts a black curtain in front of his eyes day after day.

When everything goes well in our lives, when we have a job that we like, when we have found a mate that we like, when we have traveled to places where we always wanted to: we become happy. And usually in this mode of happiness families are built and children are made. Because of this support from the family and because of this energy and dose of positivism that exists inside a happy person, they resolve faster and easier. I can not imagine un unhappy person doing this at the same speed. Unhappy person has enough trouble and negativism that he simply can not focus on more problems that life brings to him.

A happy person is full of energy and enthusiasm. When there is a large dose of enthusiasm: productivity and original ideas in solving problematic situations start work. A happy person does not complain (therefore does not start a thread of bad emotions: dissatisfaction, anger, loneliness) about his job or salary because he is satisfied with what he earns and have a good balanced plan on how to spend his money. A happy person does not waste his time, trying to become happy, therefore he already is happy! And since he already is happy, he can spend his time more efficiently and completely focusing on his duties.

How many unhappy people can you find that have managed to: solve problematic situations at work at the same speed and productiveness as the happy persons?; or to obtain the same stuff as the happy ones (job, mate, children, hobbies, travels); has satisfied customers; is in good relationships with work colleagues? Not so many, isn’t it so? And those few people that have managed it probably also payed a high price to achieve it: health, sleepless night, over time work, divorce, consultations at psychologist, etc.

I am trying to show the simple truth of our nature: that being and feeling happy or unhappy is just another way how our nature tells us what we are able to do and what not. What we should continue to do and what not. If a person starts to feel unhappy when he compares his current life with the past, and he still has the same job” would he suddenly `for no reason` start to act more energetic and actively, thus increasing his productivity? I doubt.

So the conclusion might be: whenever you start to feel unhappy- find the reason of this unhappiness and solve it! Because it is a sign that our nature gives to us so we could in advance solve it. Because it might be an indicator that shows that we are going in the wrong direction and should change something in our lives.