Overview of Scratched Eye Symptoms & Treatment

The problems of a scratched eye, as evident, can be related to your vision and this might be a big problem in the long run. Usually, the condition is associated with a scratched cornea and this is one condition which can happen due to many reasons. The cornea is an important part of your eye and it has various functions. The major function of the cornea is in protection and vision, as it helps to cover the iris and pupil of the eye while assisting your eye with proper vision at the same time. Any kind of corneal abrasion is a problem which can hamper your vision in the long run and you need to make sure that you handle any such problem at the earliest stage.

 Spotting Symptoms

It will not be hard for you to spot the scratched cornea symptoms as you would feel a lot of pain and discomfort when the scarring happens. The scarring might happen due to any of the following reasons. Rubbing the eye vigorously in the presence of a foreign body, eye infections, chemical burns, being poked in the eye, dirty contact lenses and dry cornea are some of the common reasons. Usually, the symptoms of scratched cornea are easy to spot and they start with a lot of pain and discomfort in the eye. You would feel that there is something stuck in the eye and this might be accompanied by a blurry vision. Headache and redness in the eye are common symptoms of this condition and the sensitivity to light increases due to a scratched cornea. Usually, you are asked to take some simple steps when you notice this advent of a scratched eye and these include washing the eye and blinking several times, to take out the foreign body. In other cases, a proper scratched cornea treatment course might be required.


Usually, the scratched cornea heals automatically and it does so within a couple of days. In severe cases, you might have to supplement this natural healing process with antibiotics and other related medicines. Such antibiotics are mainly used to avoid any kind of infections which can attack the body in this period. All these steps would ensure that you recover from the condition of a scratched eye at the earliest, without any further complications.


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