What we Deserve

I know there will be a lot of people who disagree with me but I think we get more mercy in life than we deserve. We get more wealth than we deserve. We don’t get enough punishment as we deserve, because we aren’t always caught. We as a whole are sinful lousy people to be around. We stab our best friends in the back, cheat on our wives, kill our brothers and steal from our parents. We take from everyone that which is not ours and we give as little as possible back to others. We give just enough to subside our conscience.

By what I’ve just said, what do you think we deserve? Nice cars, big houses, fancy clothes? How about a slap on the wrist, that will do won’t it? We deserve the fire and torment of hell. We deserve to be cut off from our families and cast into an eternal pit of burning sulphur and brimstone. This world has been given thousands upon thousands of years to repent of their sins and we keep making the same mistakes over and over. Do we deserve Gods grace? No.

Since the time Moses led Gods people out of Egypt we have been laughing at this gift of love and life he’s given us. We don’t deserve to be here. I know if God wanted to he could have made a race that didn’t defy him as we do. Why does he keep giving us more chances? Why does he put off his return for so long? Because he knows we are stubborn people and is giving us time to repent. God wants to give everyone in the world a chance to turn from their eveil ways and worship him.

We deserve to be put to death. We do not deserve the kindness that our lord shows to us every day. We deserve to have been on the cross in Jesus place. We don’t deserve him dieing for us. I guess for our sake God doesn’t go by the standard of whether or not we deserve it, he goes by the standard of his righteous rule. God knows we don’t deserve any of the things he’s given us but he gives them to us anyway. I for one am glad to be serving a lord who doesn’t give me what I deserve, if I did, in the end, I surely would get what I deserve.