Ways Communities can Deal with Sidewalk Clutter

In modern and crowded societies, rubbish on the pavements and sidewalks can be of real concern to the community. In most communities the local authority is responsible for the upkeep of the highways and byways. In many instances, the local authority neither has the manpower of resources, to cope with the ever mounting dog waste and detritus on our pavements.

What can be done to keep our sidewalks clear of clutter?

One can urge the local authority to put up more signs warning of littering the byways. Public notice these days are more to show social concern and to encourage better behaviour, rather than be threatening.

In addition the community can have a day of litter clearance. This can be encouraged in a fun way by perhaps providing a street party after the sidewalks have been cleared. This activity could be done bi-monthly. It is in everybody’s interest to live in a clean environment. Only the few spoil it for the many and most of the community will be sympathetic to any attempt to keep the streets clear of clutter and rubbish.

If the community is serious about clearing litter from the byways, then the Council may be more disposed to help. One way to help is to put more street bins for rubbish in prominent positions. The majority of people will throw rubbish in a bin, if there is one available, rather than dropping sweet wrappers etc on the ground.

Politely asking people to clear up their rubbish when a transgression occurs can help. We have each and every one of us been guilty of littering. Often the offence is committed without conscience thought. Most people with a gently reminder will pick their rubbish up, even when a little embarrassed by their transgression.

Another way of keeping a street’s pavement clear of clutter and rubbish is for each householder to regularly clean his bit of sidewalk. It only requires moments of time and if the whole road is doing the same, this can lead to a very clean street with the minimum of effort.

Keeping our sidewalks clean is in everyone’s interest and all should be encouraged to do their best. Litter not only looks untidy but can encourage rats into the neighbourhood. As we all know, rats bring with them disease. Centuries ago rats and household waste on the streets could lead to plague, and the plague could decimate whole villages.

This would not happen today but rats nevertheless still carry disease and can bite children. It is in everybody’s interest to keep our streets clean and safe for all to use.