Two Wrongs never Make a right Difference between right and Wrong – No

Do Two Wrongs Make a Right?

Can two wrongs ever make a right? The answer would have to be absolutely not. Philosophers and theologians have wrestled with the question of right and wrong for centuries. So it is safe to say that, the moral issue of doing right is not a new social or personal dilemma. Here are four reasons that two wrongs can never produce anything right.

Wrong is still wrong

How can we even consider that it is possible that doing something that is wrong will ever produce anything right? Right and wrong are two distinct opposites. Therefore, wrong can never be the right thing to do. The logic behind such thinking is fundamentally flawed. We can never live or behave in a right manner when we embrace wrong behavior as acceptable.

Doing wrong only makes you like those who have wronged you

Many times when this question is brought up, it is about payback. People are seeking justification in treating someone wrongly because they themselves have been wronged. We need move beyond the motive of repaying evil with evil. As long as, we repay wrong with more wrong, we lose. We become like those who have wronged us, we sink to a lower level of living. The moment that we make the choice to break the cycle and repay evil with good or wrong with right, we rise to a new level of living.

There are always consequences for doing wrong

How often are people punished for doing wrong like breaking the law? Our justice system seems to be working overtime each day. How often do people pay the price for wrong behavior in their personal conduct? Each day there are relationships that are damaged, promises are broken and prices paid for choices to do wrong. We never suffer from guilt because we have done the right thing. Our life is ridden with shame over those things we have done that are wrong.

Doing right is always the right thing to do

A person can never go wrong by doing the right thing. There are times when doing the right thing is far from popular but nothing can replace right living. We overcome wrongs by doing what is right. By doing the right thing, we stand for truth and grace, for morality and ethics and for justice and correct personal conduct. Doing what we know is right, brings us a host of benefits in life.

Revenge is far from sweet

Many people will do odd things just to get even. There is nothing sweet about doing something wrong trying to get even with another person. When we lash out at others in an attempt to take revenge, we only hurt ourselves. The longer we hold onto grudges and try to strike back at people who we believe to have wronged us, we will never live a right lifestyle. Doing wrong to get even only lowers us to the level of others.

Benefits of doing right

When we make the attempt to live in an upright manner, we gain a couple of major benefits. We gain the opportunity from genuine praise. It is highly unlikely that doing wrong will bring us anything but condemnation. By doing what is right, we have the opportunity to live with a clean conscience. Those who live doing right seem to have fewer regrets later in life.

Two wrongs can never make something right. If we want to overcome wrong doing, we must live a life that is above wrong behavior and stand up for what is right.