Saying yes when you really want to say no – Yes

Do you always say yes when you really want to say No
I learned the No word a lot while growing up, I would ask if I could go to a party with my friends and my parents always said No, it was really easy for them to say No. I don’t know why it is hard to say No for me, but I find it really hard to say no to people, especially my adult children. Like when they ask me to babysit, I really want to say No, but I always say yes, even when I have made plans with someone I will always cancel and babysit.
How do you say No to your boss? If you do, you have to put up with the negative attitude. I come to realize I just don’t like confrontation. Saying yes is so much easier, but puts a heavy work load on you also. You will get all the crap work that no one else will do.

I find it hard to say No to my husband, when he wants to go a movie that I really don’t want to see I will agree to go with him and then wish I would have stayed home. He likes to go fishing, I hate fishing, but I always go with him. I hate putting fish worms on the hook, but my hubby always gives me that look and I know he doesn’t have time to bait it for me and I just wish I could yell “if you don’t bait it for me you can go fishing by yourself the next time”. But I grin and gag and pick up the worm and watch it wiggle and I put that poor little thing on the hook. My fault I should learn to say No!

A lot of times saying yes is a catch 22 you don’t want to say yes, but you do and then don’t keep your word. I have ended up damaging a good friendship that way, sometimes just to avoid an answer I just don’t say anything, by doing that I have learned that most people take that for a yes. then your in more hot water than if you just went ahead and said yes

I have learned that you can compromise with saying yes and not offend anybody. When my children were little if they asked me if they could go out to play I always said yes, “after you picked up your toys you can go out and play”. With kids it always seemed easier to just give them a yes answer with a condition on it. Maybe that’s the way my parents should have raised me. Instead of always saying no they should have said, “yes” so I didn’t know it was no and then I would have been able to say No. Since we live in an era where we can blame everyone else for our mistakes. I will just blame my parents for not liking confrontation and saying yes to everyone.