Prevent Drunk Driving

There are many attempts to prevent people from driving after drinking alcohol. We see a lot of actions connected with this important problem. The statistics show that the situation doesn’t improve, at least in some countries. Is there a solution that will contribute to improving this situation?

“You drank some alcohol? So, prevent yourself from driving!” such a catchword can be heard or seen in many countries in the whole world. But there are not many reasonable people who can obey this rule. Time and again we listen to the news that a drunk driver caused an accident. Sometimes there are unfortunately more serious accidents with casualties. The awful truth is that people in general understand that they shouldn’t drive after drinking alcohol, but e.g. the need to get home in a comfortable way is stronger and a man decides to drive anyway.

Preventing people from drunk driving is one of the most difficult task. Of course, the truth is that people have always drunk alcohol, but formerly there had been no automobiles. Thus, the problem of drunk drivers didn’t exist. Nowadays most people own a car and the majority go to parties with alcohol, at least occasionally. Not too many of them are willing to be a driver who doesn’t drink at all. As a consequence, after such a party the people take a risk and sit behind the wheel. There are often no bad results, but sometimes a tragedy may happen. And the prospect of spending a few years behind the bars is rather awful. Not to mention that living with the awareness that we caused someone’s death is even more awful.

There is no doubt that above we have some strong arguments against drunk driving. We have to remember that it seems very comprehensible, but it is so difficult to perform. Sometimes we hear about the famous people who drank alcohol, got into the car and drove. The police caught them and the sad truth was revealed to many other people. Nevertheless, how many people will be strong enough to show that it is possible to avoid such situations?

Many people explain that it is hard to use public transport when coming back from a party and they can’t afford to pay for a taxi or hire a driver. What would they say after causing someone’s death?

To prevent drunk driving it is certainly not enough to stress the problem, to talk about it in the mass media. The severe punishments and more police controls won’t solve the problem as well. The young people should be taught at school and at home about this issue, otherwise in future they may become drunk drivers. And the statistics say that there is a large number of young people who drive after drinking alcohol. Maybe the schools should convey more practical knowledge. It may seem that the youth is taught a lot of unnecessary things and the major issues are overlooked.