Philanthropy Pelosi Obama State Law Bankruptcy Privilege Americans – No

It is a cruel world, and luxury to debate how to invest one’s time and money. This question is from a privileged viewpoint. This attitude is soon to change as we Americans, living in the USA will face the fact that we are no longer wealthy. We are no longer middle class, in fact, we, as a country are bankrupt.

You can fiddle around all you want with what green company you want to support, but the most effective and long-term charities is based from the Catholic Church. Haiti’s recent earthquake phenomena is a perfect example of how the long-term relationship of the Catholic based charities offered immediate and generous help.

When you have food for your mouth, and money in the bank, it is pure speculation about how to think about how to spend your capital. It is a luxury my friend, an option for the few. Philanthropy is a beautiful thing, and our country is the most generous on earth.

In case you haven’t heard, foreclosures are up in 2010 by 15%. The reader could be one of the many who could have concerned themselves with how to spend their money, go green or get out so to speak, but such decision making bias will not hold up at the dollar stores.

The leader of Spain attempted to explain to Obama that it is because of their efforts to create and develop environmentally friendly industry that their economy is in the tank. People in California, are grasping the limitations of being bankrupt.

Unfortunately that typical American still lives in a dream from the 70’s….reality tells us that while States are required by law to establish and maintain balanced budgets, the Federal government is not.

Pelosi keeps pushing for more and more spending…I would like to trim her budget myself, since I am paying for it now and for the next 30-40 years.

When I was growing up, I never dreamed I would be in the work force. When I began thinking about it as a choice, not a necessity, there were plenty of grants, so an option at the time was to start a dance company. My first job was selling lingerie part-time, while I was in my 30’s.

Now this is laughable, and my daughter had a much different upbringing which is why she sought and completed a degree in Business Administration.

It is from good business sense, that profits come. It is from a healthy and spiritually based lifestyle that charity stems. Again, I find the question a triviality for the privileged, and unfortunately, that no longer includes the average American.