Observed Family Values Morals Personal Family value

Recently family values have been in the public eye. During the past two presidential elections the media has photographed the candidates and their families in candid loving moments. I have observed values in my family as well. The values I find most intrinsic are the determination to become educated, adhering to the Persian culture, and loving companionship.

My family has valued learning and understanding for as long as I can remember. My grandmother told me of my mom traveling from Iran to England after high school. At nineteen she traveled to the United States to attend college at The University of Florida in Gainesville. I was born seven years later and by the time I started middle school my parents had saved the money to pay for my college because they understand the value of knowledge. In fact, my grandfather likes to research as many different topics as he can. He reads history books and always keeps a dictionary on hand. He enjoys sharing stories regarding travel, world history and different cultures. In that way he encourages everyone in our family to learn.

Not only is my family interested in learning, but also in practicing our Persian culture. Every spring we celebrate Eid, which is the Persian New Year. It is customary to spend time with elders of the community and attend traditional dinners that include dancing and symbolic ceremonies. It is also our custom to dine with other families through out the year and eat authentic Persian food. At these dinners we are able to speak Farsi and practice our heritage. We also have tea and pastries brought from Iran and listen to Persian music. My family genuinely enjoys the social gathering because it reminds them of the life they experienced in Iran. Seeing my family interact with other Persian families demonstrates the importance of continuing the Persian customs I have grown up with and encourages me to spend time with my loved ones.

Practicing our Persian culture brings my family closer which leads me to my final family value, loving companionship. My grandmother’s favorite thing to do is have friends and family over for food or tea. She is very proud of her family and likes to have everyone together as much as possible. She is the backbone of our family and acts as the mediator and mentor. She has shown me many different ways, through ups and downs, how to protect the people you love and care for those who need a little extra help. Her main goal in life is to provide and care for the family but especially have us spend time together.

Every family has their own set of morals, values and beliefs. The values I have observed in my family are the importance to succeed in school, sustaining our Persian customs, and spending quality time together. However, the strongest family value we share is the value we have for each other.