Naming a Baby Girl Elsa

Elizabeth as a female name has been widely popular throughout the ages but its shortened form, Elsa, not as much. Elsa is pronounced EL-sa(English), EL-sah (German) .


In Hebrew, Elsa means “My God is a Vow”. It comes from the Hebrew name Elisheva or Elisheba. Later usage included “joyful, my god is Bountiful, God of Plenty,Consecrated to God, Oat of God, God is satisfaction, God is Perfection.” The name Elsa count not be more extensive in meaning.

Origins and History

The first recorded name of Elizabeth appeared in England in 1205. It was very popular as a name in the Middle Ages from the 13th Century and up, and became even more popular when Queen Elizabeth I cam to the English throne and heralded the Elizabethan Era, which was prosperous and famous.


If you look at a popularity chart for Elsa, you would find it goes up and down like a graph of Stock Market activity. If you turn it side way, it could be the skyline of New York or Manhattan. Its popularity was slow and gradual from 1900’s-1990’s, making a cameo appearance in 2006 as a token #792 out of 1000 names. The name Elsa is moderately popular in France and Spain. However, in Sweden, it is star presentation with a ranking of 16 in 2006 out of 100 names.

There are numerous variants on the name Elsa or Elizabeth but a few will be pointed out according to common usage.

* Annabeth – feminine – English
* Babette – feminine – English
* Bess – feminine – English                                                                                                                                                                                                    * Betsy – feminine- English

* Bette – feminine- English
* Elisa – English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish

* Elisabeth – German, Dutch, Scandinavian, English, Biblical
* Elise – German
* Isabela – Spain
* Jobeth
* Libby * Lisa
* Liz
* MaryBeth

Holidays for Elsa –  Estonian – November 19,  Finnish – October 14, Swedish – October 30
There are also pet forms for Elsa and they are Ela, Elli, Elsie, Elsina, Zina, Zita, Elusha.


* Elsa Beshaw (1906-1988) – Swedish author and illustrator of children’s books
* Elsa Peretti May 1, 1940-) – famous jewelry designer who did many popular pieces for Tiffany’s
* Elsa Pataky ( July 18, 1976) – actress
* Elsa Morante ( Aug. 18, 1912, Nov.25, 1985) – Italian novelist
* Elsa Lanchester ( Oct. 28, 1902- Dec. 26, 1986) – starred in 1935 version of the “Bride of Frankenstein”
* Elsa Murano – Dept. of Agriculture, recently chosen as President of Texas A&M University

The name Elsa speaks volumes as people have impressions of someone who is totally, one hundred per cent feminine. Elsa is seen as wholesome, refined, classic, natural, serious and simple. It is a good name for a baby girl.

Facts and Fun Information

Colle Val d’Elsa is a village in Italy located on the Elsa River, flowing into the bigger one, the Arno River.

Elsa’s Kopje is a huge rocky outcrop found in Meru national Park, Kenya which caters to safari honeymooners and romantic couples.

Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas (Feb.8, 1990) is a Mexican gymnast from Monterrey who placed 5th in the 2006 American Cup in Philadelphia. Her goal is to qualify for the Beijing Olympic Games by representing Mexico.

Elsa was the double-crossing female in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Elsa the Lioness ( 1956-1961) has been loved by many as her story was portrayed in the movie “Living Free”.

Wagner’s famous Opera “Lohengrin” also features a character by the name of Elsa.

In the movie, the “Sound of Music ” Baroness Schrader’s first name was Elsa, not used in the movie but in the Broadway play.

The song “Supersonic” sung by Oasis starts with “I know a girl called Elsa…”

Even though there are fewer namesakes or places called Elsa, its longer name Elizabeth is pervasive throughout the world. Several entertainers are named Elizabeth, as are two scientists, royalty from the countries of England, Bohemia, Russia, France and Austria.
There have been religious and political figures named Elizabeth, even an infamous female ax murderer, Lizzie Borden ( who incidentally was played by another Elizabeth, Elizabeth Montgomery of the TV series Bewitched). Even two ocean liners have the namesake Elizabeth, and the list goes on.