Morals in Todays Society Moral Obligation – No

We, personally, might be obligated to be moral, however, our standards of what is right and wrong could be different than someone else’s We cannot push our opinions and desires on others. They have the right to choose, whether it be a good or bad choice. Morals has to do with common standards of what is good or right in the way one lives. A person could be brought up in a atmosphere of anything goes, for that person it is O.K. to practice sexual promiscuity or not return a lost wallet, simply because they do not know any better. Whereas, for a person raised in a home with standards and values, their law of conscience tells them when something is morally wrong.

There is a worldwide moral breakdown, therefore, the choice for the majority of mankind has been the right of choice, and that is, they are not obligated to be moral. They want to lie, cheat, scheme, and steal. David Callahan, in his recent book (The Cheating Culture) says “cheating is everywhere.” In the high schools, in the workplace, health care scams, all this adds up to a moral crisis of serious dimensions. There are still examples of selfless human kindness, but too often we hear, “what’s in it for me, what am I going to get out of it?” There is a me first attitude, that seems to be the going thing.

Immorality plays a big part in the moral breakdown of society. It is everywhere, on the television, on the computer, at the movies, in books and magazines. It is on the street corner, on the highways, on land, sea and air, it is everywhere. You can’t get away from it. Before, in society, we had a sense of what is right and wrong, now we can do whatever we want. Society is growing more tolerant towards sexual promiscuity. It seems everyone is taking their clothes off and using sex as a sales tool.

Times have really changed. The idea of gays or lesbians openly cohabiting was a moral outrage, not to long ago. Now, people say, our private life is our private life. We don’t want other people to interfere. They have a right to choose, and that is their choice. In the present liberalized society, people feel justified in choosing their own values or morals, just as they would choose groceries in a supermarket. But when this is the case, what happens to true virtue and morality? There is a right way and wrong way, there is no inbetween. It’s one way or the other. Either you are honest, loyal, chaste and honorable, or you are not.

Where can we turn. We cannot turn to the churches for moral guidance. Rather than upholding righteous principles, the churches have made themselves part of this world and its evils. A New York City Clergyman said: “The church is the only organization in the world which has a lower entrance requirement than those for getting onto a bus.” If you can’t turn to the churches, then where do you go? Our Heavenly Father lovingly provides guidance, not to make your life boring and restrictive, but to protect and enjoy. He wants you to avoid calamity and have a happy life. He is offering you the real thing and that is the real life, one where there is no obligation to be moral. Morals will be automatic.