Finding the Strongest Feeling

What is the strongest emotion?To understand this question you have to look at each of the major emotions in turn. In order to do that, you must first know what the major emotions are.

Let’s say emotions are similar to a tree; The smaller emotions being twigs and branches, the major emotions being branches, and the strongest emotion being the trunk. If you think about it like that then every lesser emotion can be connected to another stronger emotion eventually getting to your answer, the strongest emotion of all.

For example, grieving is a intense form of sadness; it’s still sadness no matter how it feels so it’s a twig that grows from the sadness branch. You grieve because you’ve lost someone or something important to you, thus grieving is a display of love toward another person or thing that is otherwise gone from your life. This means that grief is actually a form of love and branches from love. However, we must still attempt to go deeper because stopping here would not be searching for the answer. It would instead be assuming the answer before completing a thought process. So what does love branch off from?

Love is a very complicated emotion and to go into the intricacies of love would warrant a whole different article. Instead, let us come to an understanding that love is a form of enjoyment from being around someone. Enjoyment is a form of happiness achieved from intense comfort. Therefore love branches directly off from happiness. Still we must not stop trying to go deeper, to stop here would only be giving up. Can there be another, more stronger emotion than happiness?

I say no. I’ve thought about this very issue for hours and hours, always trying to find something to disprove this theory. I have yet to come to an answer. Just to give you a better understanding of what I’m saying I’ll give you another interesting example. This emotion is one that almost had me discarding this very view of happiness being the strongest emotion.

Fear is a horrible feeling that we all face. It’s crippling to most and even if not it still is regarded as a bad feeling. Let’s first understand the types of fear out there, personal fear and external fear. External fear is the fear for others and personal fear is fear for oneself. For this example we are going to go into Personal fear. Why? My reason for doing personal fear is simple. External fear is similar to grieving except said person being grieved has the chance of being hurt in some way and is not dead. This means that external fear is a form of showing love toward someone and is too quickly degraded into Happiness.

So I chose Personal fear as it is more difficult to solve. With personal fear you are worried that something is going to happen to you. It would be too easy to say that this is a show of love for yourself and it would also be a lie. When you fear for yourself it is not because you love yourself it is because you love others. If someone was completely alone their whole life and was faced with the possibility of death they would go calmly. They’d die without fear because death would just be another place. They’d be leaving nothing behind. In this way we can easily connect fear to love and loves connection to happiness is easily found.

So what is the strongest emotion? I say that the strongest emotion is the one all emotions branch from, the feeling of happiness. It’s the emotion we all have felt once and since that time it has affected all of our actions in some way. Happiness is found everywhere and no one is immune to it’s touch. Happiness is a chameleon and an axe. It is brutal and it is soft. Happiness can be a prison or it can be an open sky. It’s all around us in everything that we do. It is the strongest emotion and should be fought for.